How to Start Your Own 6-Figure Business in LESS than SEVEN Days

Episode 466

banner_720x300There comes a point in your online journey where you need to make the transition from product “buyer” to product “creator”. The reason why 99% of my guests are successful is because they’ve taken the leap and just put out their first product…which is the first vital step to building a REAL business.

Jeremy Kennedy is on the show today to tell us how he creates simple little products with his Half a Brain Profit Machine course.

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Watch the show below:

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  1. Hey Mike I just checked out your website…you deliver some awesome value and great videos with top marketers in the IM industry…Great stuff!

  2. Good information thank you…………….it’s just the turning point of when you realize you keep buying these products and not selling this knowledge on………but now I’m starting to change after all these years of wanting to find out how other people are doing it on the NET………….I now know why i’m broke!

    P.S. something wrong with your plug-in for email course……….it was there but didn’t show up properly……….hope you can fix it!

    1. Valerie,

      Glad to see you making that change.

      What was wrong with the plug in?


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