How I Do Link Building For Niche Websites

First off I want to thank you for stopping by and taking time out of your busy day to read about my link building process. I’ve put quite a bit of time into creating a way of building links that consistently allows low-hanging fruit niche websites to rise in the search engines at a reasonably quickly rate and without much hands-on work.

What this method WON’T work for

This way has only really been tested for niche websites. If you have a site that is in a very competitive niche then you will need to do much more link building than the following method, but this could be a good solid base for your website. I use this to rank Exact Match Domains on the first page of Google when there isn’t much competition. You can see what kind of niches I build websites for at:
How I Do Keyword Research For My Niche Websites.

What it WILL work for

I’ve used this method on over 200 websites so far. Using this approach I’m usually able to get websites on the first page of Google within about 3 months time. Of course some sites have high rankings, some sites have low rankings, but most of them make the first few pages of Google quite easily using this method.

No method is perfect

This way can be hit or miss. I’m making about 50 new websites per month right now (March, 2012). I don’t expect each site to make me money. I actually expect some of them never to make me a cent. But I’m hoping that a few of them will “hit it big”. What does that mean? As of writing this post I’m spending about $42 for each new website. If I make 50 of them in a month then the cost should be $2,100. If these sites can add $10/day to my adsense income then they will pay for themselves in about 7 months. Can 50 sites make $10/day? It seems quite possible.

But I’m getting off-track.

I’m going to give you the exact way that I do link building for a new website. india’s eyewear store buy spectacles online is doing very good in link building. I will be including links to services that I use. If you choose to sign up through my links then I will receive an affiliate commission. Thank you in advance for that 🙂

Link Building Method Explained

After creating a website I immediately start building links. My first step is to submit it to Is My Domain Indexed and Is My Site Indexed. These are both free and simple services to help your site get indexed and a couple free links.

ezarticlelinkThe next thing I do is go to EZarticlelink and add my domain. If you don’t know about this service yet, then you should. I will explain about how it works in another post. You can also read about it on their website HERE. If you don’t have many websites then you can sign up for their free service. I’m currently paying $30/month for my subscription.

After the domain is approved there (it takes about 12 hours) I submit a copy of the original article to their article spinning service. I pay $3 per article for a spin. The articles are usually spun within 24 hours.

socialadrI then take the spun article and submit a paragraph from it to SocialAdr. SocialAdr is a great way to do all your social bookmarking hands-free. They have plans that are free and up to $100/month. I have the highest plan since I’m building a lot of links each day.

Once I’ve submitted to SocialAdr I use a highly-recommended  service that’s provided by Chris Hartpence from the WP Goldmine Forum. I take the article that I had spun at EZarticlelink and send it to Chris. He then submits the article to Unique Article Wizard and Article Marketing Robot. I pay $3 per article at a bulk rate. For orders you can contact him at cdhartpence AT hotmail DOT com or at his website (I won’t receive any commission for orders with Chris).

And that’s IT! I use four services to put my niche website linking on autopilot. Of course it’s not perfect, but it has worked pretty well for me so far. I’d also like to say that it is in no way set in stone. I’m always open to changing it, adding new programs, and tweaking the method so that it will work better. I’m also interested in trying new services if I deem them to be effective.

So what do you think? I’d love to hear your comments about my method and any methods that you are using that are effective right now.


  1. Thanks for the reveal Mike… what are your current thoughts to the impact of social signals we are discussing now? Are you considering tweaking your linking methods to take this into account? I know you use socialadr…

    1. You’re welcome, Shaun. I hope it helps you out a bit. It goes to show you that you don’t need to do so much work to get a site to rank.

      I’m always considering tweaking my methods. I feel like SocialAdr covers a lot of bases when it comes to social signals. It not only submits to bookmarking websites, but it tweets and google pluses websites, too.

  2. Thanks for the update Mike… so how would you convey your method to work with broader sites for authority? just work on each post in the same way? if so, dont you think throwing all those links at each post is going to be too much linking initially – One of my sites has 20-30 post a month and I wouldnt want to throw that many links, so what would you do? thanks Mike..

  3. Thanks for the backlink tips. I just registered for the free EZA account. Looks like the paid version may be the way I have to go though, since I don’t want to add a site.

    I use the free subscription of SocialADR but need to step that up as well as it takes forever to earn enough credits to get something submitted.

    1. Jason,

      You’re welcome for the tips. To use the free service you’ll need to add a website as a “standard domain” for every “Post only” domain you want to have. I usually just buy .info domains on name cheap and use those.

      I’ve never used the free SocialAdr subscription because I want all my social linking to be hands-free. I just don’t have enough time to do that kind of link building.

  4. Sorry for the double comment, but i forgot to ask. For about $42 to launch a site, what does that entail? Domain registration + 3 articles?

    1. Jason,

      I’ll be posting about the break-down of costs in an upcoming post. Stay tuned.

  5. Hi Mike,

    awesome blog. Just stumbled upon it while searching for EZarticle experiences.
    Just a quick question, if I do not have a domain to spare but own the gold member account with them I can blast out articles into their network with backlinks to my feeder or money sites, right? I do not need to add domains to their network if I am a gold member?

    I also use AMR, BMD, UD, ALN, another blog network and socialadr, but only the free accounts. Can you or someone else elaborate how you use Socialadr with your paid accounts and when you use AMR, do you dripfeed or blast out to all directories at the same day?

    1. Daniel,

      Thanks for the compliment!
      If you are a gold member you only need to have 20 domains in their account to be able to add unlimited post-only domains. The best way to do that is by buying 20 .info domains and just putting one post on each one. That should cost you under $100 and then you’re set.

      With SocialAdr I simply add each post I do to it. With the paid account all I have to do is add my links and it’s done.

      With AMR I just blast out to all the directories at the same time. All of them don’t get approved automatically so they get found by Google slowly. They are also pretty weak links so I don’t really worry about them.

  6. Thanks Mike for tip on EZA! Regarding SocialADR, I upgraded to the lazy free account and it’s been so nice not logging each day to share 5. Looking forward to the costs break down per site.

    1. Jason,
      You’re welcome. I really like not having to worry about adding social links to each of my sites. I’m more than happy to pay for it.

  7. Taylor,

    I’m glad to hear that I was able to help you. Starting out on this stuff can be really difficult. There’s so much information coming at your from all directions so it can be hard finding the right path for you.

    Am I concerned about building one-page sites and a google slap? Not really. Most of the one-page sites that I build I end up expanding on later on. My best site started out as a one-page site. After I saw that it was doing successful I had more content written and now the site ranks for an even better keyword.

    I agree with you that more content seems to give sites more of a hold in Google with their rankings. Also fresh content keeps Google happy.

    I’ll keep pumping out sites, but when I find gold I’ll expand on them.

    Thanks for the comment!

  8. Hey Mike,

    Just stumbled onto your site doing some web browsing and it’s great stuff! I’m just in the beginning stages of building niche websites so it’s all very helpful.

    Let me ask you a quick question about your niche website philosophy in general and specifically link building. If you are building 1 page sites and automating most of it through these tools (ezarticlelink, socialadr, UAW, etc.), what are your concerns about google slapping you? I’m tending to err on the side of more content and less automated SEO just because I’d hate to pump out a bunch of sites only to have them all de-indexed. What are your thoughts?

  9. Cool Mike. Thanks for the reply. Keep it up and I’ll keep following your progess.

  10. Hi Mike
    How has this changed since the pequin hit?
    Is this really the way to do it in July 2012 or do we need to tweak the process a lot?

  11. Hi Mike, as always excellent post. As far as EZArticle link is concerned, you buy 20 .info domains…do they have any sort of KW relevancy to the project? or just any combination of KW works OK for the .info domains? And then I assume you host the .info’s somewhere else besides your money sites?

    1. Hi Sebastian,
      It doesn’t matter what the .info domains are because they will never be connected to any of your domains. Just make sure you host them on a separate hosting account.

  12. Hi Mike, love your website. Just wondering if your link building stay the same as mentioned in this article or if you have made any changes to them in recent times?
    Also what is your view on Private Blog Networks and using expired domains to 301 redirect them to a 301 niche site (in a Post Panda/Penguin world).


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