How I use ManageWP to keep over 400 niche websites organized

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ManageWP doesn’t have an affiliate program yet , so I there’s no real incentive for a lot of people to promote it finally got an affiliate program When their affiliate program gets rolled out I think you will start hearing a lot about how great their system really is for anyone who has a lot of websites.  Manage WP finally got an affiliate program in September 2012.

I currently have over 400 600 niche websites. They all have at least one page of original content, about page, privacy page, and sitemap. Each of these sites has links built to them using EZArticleLink, Article Marketing Robot, Unique Article Wizard, and SocialAdr. Each site is an exact match domain with a .com, .net, or .org extension. They all have at least 880 exact match local searches in Google and at least a $1 cpc. And I manage all these sites on ManageWP.

What is ManageWP?

ManageWp is a way to organize all your websites in one place. It makes it really easy to install updates and make changes to multiple websites at one time. For example, recently a new version of wordpress came out. If I didn’t have ManageWP it would have been a real pain in the butt to update 400 websites. But all I did was click a button and they were all updated. It a life saver!

So this is how I keep my websites managed. I’m able to see them all in the dashboard on ManageWP. Also, I don’t need to login to each individual website when I make a change. With the dashboard on ManageWP I just click on the website and the wordpress admin panel is opened for me. It’s sweet!

  1. Hey Mike,

    James from ManageWP here. Writing this from my mobile, but just to thank you for the very kind words. We really appreciate it, and we are working hard on our affiliate program.

    Thanks so much!

    1. James,

      You’re welcome. I don’t know how I’d manage all my sites without ManageWP.

  2. I heard about WP sometimes ago while searching online. Though I've not used their service but i've been reading great reviews about them always.
    Mike, 400 niche sites? Mehn, that's great! Hope you diversified your income and not only use google adsense alone?

    1. Sheyi,

      Their service is really great. If you have over 100 websites then I think you need a place to keep them all organized. Also, updating plugins on 100 sites is no fun.

  3. I don't have enough niche sites to justify this yet, but when I do I'm definitely heading straight to manage wp – I've heard great things.

  4. Do you use the backup feature in ManageWP or do you have someone do the WPTwin backup. Also where do you store all that – Dropbox, Email?
    I once tried to create one of my sites from backup to a new install when a hosting problem occured and never could get the backup to install properly so I'm a little leary of their backup solution. They gave several suggestions but none of them worked.

    1. Daniel,

      Yes, I use the backup feature to go to dropbox. It’s a bit expensive, but worth it for me.

  5. For a smaller number of blogs you can try It's closed at present but there is a notification list. I think it cost me $35 or less and works well – saves a lot of time in updating etc.

    1. Doug, thanks for the alternative. I think there’s other software out there too. ManageWP is the best that I’ve come across if you have hundreds of sites.

  6. ManageWP is nice but it’s too expensive unless you’re doing niche sites + ad revenue at scale as your entire business model, like MFM or the Adsense Flippers.

    1. Danny, it’s not too expensive if you opt in to the more basic plans. I have the middle plan which costs me about $200/month now, but that’s for up to 1000 websites.

    1. You’re welcome, Dynn. ManageWP is a life saver for someone with more than 20 websites.

  7. I signed up for ManageWP a few weeks ago and really like it. I only have about 25 Adsense sites right now, but I will be building about 25 per month for the rest of the year. I make most of my income from Amazon Kindle book sales and would like to diversify some with Adsense and a few other projects. Good recommendation on ManageWP.

  8. I LOVE Managewp. It’s a life saver for me. It’s not even really that expensive. I’m sure that people would definitely pay more for it’s service.

    I only have 25 websites. I have no idea how you can handle 400. Even with ManageWP.

    1. Liz,

      Now I have over 500…and I have no idea how I would handle them without ManageWP 🙂

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