How Jimmy Mancini ranked a video on the first page of Google and made $285.20


Episode 210

Ranking videos in Youtube can be a guessing game of what ACTUALLY works. I’ve heard a ton of different techniques that involve different kinds of links, buying views, and doing intricate On-Page optimization.

In my opinion, the reason why most of these Youtube experts are successful is because they’re always testing. They’re not just sitting around reading about different ways of doing SEO, but instead they’re creating videos and making things happen.

Who’s on the show? Jimmy Mancini

What’s the product? Youtube Ranking Software 2.0

What does it do? It essentially helps you rank your videos and keep organized on what you’ve done with each video. It also keeps track of your video rankings.

What’s the end result? You’ll be more likely to rank your videos and figure out what’s working and what isn’t

Watch the show below: Duration: 47:56
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Youtube Ranking Software (CLOSED)- Jimmy’s software that helps you rank Youtube videos in Google

    1. John,

      Jimmy has a good system for ranking his videos and he has proof to back it up.

  1. Jimmy’s method looks quite interesting, I see lots of marketers take YouTube by the storm…

    Hey Jimmy, do you recommend we create a new YouTube channel for each affiliate promo/product we plan to rank for, or how do you do it?

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