How Justin Turned $716.52 into $66,344.12 using Youtube ads

Episode 664

When it comes to making money on Youtube, it's all about traffic. Sure, you could make a video, do SEO, build a bunch of links, and rank it in Google. Yeah, that's a proven tactic that works. Or you could simply put YOUR ad in front of those videos for PENNIES on the dollar...and STEAL their traffic.

Today Justin Sardi is on the show to talk about his Video Ads Crash Course 2.0 training that teaches you how to drive traffic to affiliate offers, get local clients to pay $3,000 per month, and much more...all using the power of Youtube ads.

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  1. Not of your links are working. I can’t even order this product from your sit…

      1. Well, there’s no link to click yet…so I guess it doesn’t work 🙂

    1. Cliff,

      Glad to see your excitement 🙂

      This product goes live at 11am EDT. There will be a link there a little before then.

  2. Greeting Mike, please did you go thru the course? how much is a single click using this you tube method? cheaper than ppv?

    1. Chris,

      Yes, I went through the course. Of course it will depend on what your niche is. Also, I’m less concerned with click cost than I am with the return on investment that those clicks will give. Inside the course there’s a live case study on how Justin spent $716 and made back over $60,000. THAT’S stuff that gets me excited 🙂

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