How Spencer Haws is able to find and rank for PROFITABLE keywords


Episode 166

Spencer Haws is no stranger to ranking keywords in Google. He’s currently had AMAZING SUCCESS with his niche site project where he’s shown publicly his ability to rank a website for a specific keyword. He’s on the show today to talk about his Long Tail Classroom that will show you in detail just how he was able to do it.

Watch the show below: Duration: 29:36
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  1. Spencer has so much awesome info on his blog, I’ve really become interested in niche sites now that I’ve been following his public niche site for survival knives. I’ll have to give this one a listen.

    Mike – Good to see you switched to Eleven 40, how are you liking the theme?

    How did you setup your top bar for the entire page? I have a featured box on mine I had to add if you head over to my blog, I’m currently working on adjusting the logo a bit.

    1. John,

      I’m liking the theme so far…we’ll see how it works out.

      I made a little video showing you about the top bar

      1. Thanks Mike, that worked! Going to tweak mine a bit, think I need another gig for a logo re-design on Fiverr! lol

        1. No problem.

          Don’t worry too much about things like logos and banners right now. They are secondary necessities. Just continue pumping out quality content.

  2. I love the idea of “dwell time” as a factor in ranking. It’s open to abuse of course, but these types of social signals are where Google is headed.

    About our process — yes, we don’t build links, but we really look for very low competition niches. Also our our on page content is probably better optimized because we use italics, bolding, and lists. It’s a balanced approach and you are going to need one or the other.

    1. Joe,

      It still amazes me how you guys rank without building any links…but if it works it works 🙂

  3. Nichepursuits has become one of my favorite blogs. Maybe because the owner is a fellow Washington Resident (I think), go northwest. Seriously though, I have had niche sites for like ten years –just side income, mostly for fun– yet everytime a “live” niche case study goes on I can’t pull away. Spencer, Pat and all the others, its just fun to watch.

    Its always quality that wins in the end, at least from my experience. I remember when you could just stuff the met keyword tags, (back when I was in high school). It never lasts.

    I still am waiting for google to give weight to reverse linking. Linking out to reputable sites. “Maybe it does now”, haven’t followed as much as I used to. Quality sites link to other quality sites. Easily manipulated but, that is what great sites do, if they don’t write it, they link to a good source for more info. So linking to similar great sites (related sites not the same content) should help. Sites that people don’t bounce back to the search engines, they just click around on the site and maybe click through to external links on the site. I guess that is similar to spencers dwell time theory -a little different–
    Before anything else people need to concentrate on providing the best information when creating a site, not link building or anything else. Create a great user experience. Create a site you would want to go to if you were actually looking for the info yourself. Google likes people using its search engine, people use its search engine because they used to (or still do) get the best results, google will always strive to put the best sites in front. So just build the best sites.

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