Episode 62: How to add INSTANT authority to any niche site…plus a free prize – with Walt Bayliss

On today’s Mike From Maine Show I’ve got Walt Bayliss on to talk about his amazing online marketing journey. He shares with us how he’s made it big and lost it big. Plus he tells us all about his new Wiki Word plugin…and gives one away!

Watch the show below: Duration: 1:37:44

[leadplayer_vid id=”50CF89094C342″]Stuff mentioned in the show

Wiki Word Plugin (CLOSED)- Walt’s plugin

Walterbayliss.com – Walt’s website


  1. Hey Mike!

    You know the saying: “There is no such thing as COINCIDENCE”? Well, here’s the thing. I promised myself that starting 2013, I would start with niche sites and that I would need to create content quickly, easily, and inexpensivey. Can you get any quicker, easier and less expensive than this plugin? I love it.

    Thanks for the interview with Walt Bayliss. Great guy, great story and a great plugin.

  2. Jac,

    You’re very welcome. I hope Walt’s plugin can help you create the inexpensive content that you’re looking for.

  3. Hey Mike/Walt,

    I watched the whole interview today and the start really caught my attention. My first ever product was an Excel spreadsheet to help people with their finances. I was using it for years and when I was getting into internet marketing I thought that would be a nice product. I created an ebook/manual with it and sold if for $19,95. Got some sales here and there but I was basically trying to sell something to people who already had money trouble = penniless crowd :P. But anyway, that caught my attention ;).

    And I really liked the advice “fix your own problems and sell the fix to others”. Very easy was of looking at stuff. I decided to use it immediately: I found a WordPress exploit today which affects people with a WordPress Membership site, wrote a blogpost on how to fix it and created a “have me fix it for you” button with it ;). Great advice and I’ll be sure to remember it :).

    Thanks Walt for all your info and thanks Mike for conducting the interview!

    Michiel Andreae

    1. Michiel,

      I think that deserves to be reiterated: “fix your own problems and sell the fix to others”. If you only get ONE thing out of this interview let it be that.

      Thanks for watching, Michiel.

  4. Mike,

    First off, congratulations for getting “Blog of the Year” from Mark Thompson.

    Second, this interview had me glued to my laptop for 1hour 37 minutes and 44 seconds. Totally engaging, although when I saw how long the interview ran I wondered why you published, what I believe to be, your longest interview yet. Walt’s story was truly inspiring and when it was over I thought I had just read (listened to) his life story. I now need to re-listen and take notes. His note taking suggestion was one of many great points. Rather than using notepad, I always have a pen and small pad in my pocket because ideas pop up anywhere and I still enjoy using a pen or pencil to record my thoughts.

    I look forward to many more interviews in 2013. Thanks Mike!

    1. Thanks, Jeff. I was super pumped to get recognized by Mark.

      This was my longest interview yet, but it was also one of my most INTERESTING ones yet. I really enjoyed it and I hope you did too.

  5. Again a nice video show Mike. These videos are really inspiring and help me with my internet marketing career, because I see what works and what doesn’t.

    So please continue doing what you do and publish new video shows as long as you can.

    The only little thing – maybe some of them are a little to long. Like this one – almost 1:40 h – not sure about the others but I cannot spend almost 2 hours each day watching videos. But this is not a critique or anything like that – just a hint 😉

    Take care Mike.

    1. Thanks, Daniel.

      One suggestion for you might be to subscribe to the iTunes show. Just go to iTunes and search for “Mike From Maine”. You can listen to it on the way to work on your mp3 player.

      Thanks for watching/listening.

      1. Nice idea Mike, but I work from home and my way to my desk is like 10 to 15 meters. Not long enough for a 1:40 h Mike from Maine show – believe me I tested it 😉

        1. Daniel,

          I’m glad you’re complaining that I put out “too much” content and not “too little” 🙂

          My suggestion would be to pick and choose the topics you’re interested in…perhaps watch 2 to 3 a week.

          The interviews are going to keep coming!

          1. Hey Mike,
            don’t worry. As I said, this was just an idea. I like the long stuff as well, because we get more information. And if I have time I don’t mind spending the time to watching your show. Better longer than the short 4 minute clips that you can find everywhere else.
            Keep them coming 🙂

  6. I just found your site now. It looks pretty interesting – I’ll be back often.
    Hope I’m not too late for the Wiki Word Plugin contest. It will add a good source of content to my sites. I write & use WP Robot & curation , & Wikipedia content would be a great addition of what is obviously some of the most popular & accessed content on the web.
    I enjoyed the interview, & am anticipating more good stuff.

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  8. Hi Mike. This was an epic interview but really enjoyed it. In fact, I’ve been meaning to drop a comment for a couple weeks now just to say thanks for all the info. I have an approx 40min drive to work each day and have literally been listening daily to and from work daily getting through all the episodes. Soon enough you’re going to need to do two interviews per day haha!

    What I love about your interviews is that I get a great mix of new ideas and confirmation of existing strategies that I’m using online. You’re a true resource. I’m part way through the steep learning curve that is learning online marketing (probably never stop that learning curve) and your site is now essential to my development – so thanks!

    1. Greg,

      Thanks for the awesome comment! I’m glad that I can make your drive to work a little easier. I’m glad you finally commented…I’d love to hear more from you in the comments in the future.

      Thanks for listening!

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