How to create, upload, and RANK Youtube videos…all on autopilot – with Peter Drew


Episode 178

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could just push a button and have Youtube videos that rank on the first page of Google? Oh wait, you can! Peter Drew is on the show today to discuss his Video Curation Pro software that creates, uploads, and ranks videos on Youtube simply based on the keyword you choose.

Watch the show below: Duration: 34:45
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  1. Would love to hear peoples thoughts on this. Surely this cant be as good as it says?

    At the click of a few buttons I can get hundreds of YouTube videos ranked for my chosen keyword? This literally would be awesome – but I have to say I purchased Cliff’s video guide that he mentioned and I thought it was poor. A guide to show how to rank WSO’s for the title after spamming the title in the description a few times is hardly groundbreaking. I got a refund – people do not search for those terms. There may be other ways but I did not have any success with it – that is what is putting me off with this one.

    If anyone has any success stories with this I would love to hear. I have a test YouTube channel waiting! May just give it a months trial…..

    1. John,

      I actually really liked Cliff’s product. Yes, it wasn’t groundbreaking, but it was amazing for me how little work could go into a ranking video. I even made some money off of some of my videos 🙂

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