How to drive more traffic to your websites by embedding external links in your Youtube videos – with Jimmy Mancini


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A lot of you use Youtube in your online marketing in some way or another. You probably have links under the videos going to your websites, but did you know that you can now embed links INTO videos on Youtube? Jimmy Mancini comes on the show today to talk about a method he uses to drive traffic with his Youtube External Link Method.

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How to Drive More Traffic to Your Websites by Embedding External Links in Your Youtube Videos – with Jimmy Mancini

Mike: Hi there everyone! Welcome to Episode 95 of The Mike from Maine Show, the place where we do daily interviews with successful online entrepreneurs. This is your host, Mike Thomas. And today on the show, we’ve got Jimmy Mancini on to talk about his method of putting external links on Youtube videos. Now, most of you if you ever kinda played around with Youtube and tried to add a link, you can put a link underneath your videos so that if someone’s watching them on Youtube, if they kinda look down, they can find that link. But as far as putting a link actually embedding it inside the video, that’s a whole another story. Like, usually you can link out your channel or other videos but it’s – you’re not gonna be able to put that external link out to your website or to an affiliate link or whatnot. But Jimmy’s figured out a way, so that we can do that. He’s come up with a very, very successful WSO, was voted one of the top WSOs of the week by WSO scout. So yeah, let’s get into it and find out about Jimmy’s method of putting external links on Youtube.

Mike: We are here today again with Jimmy Mancini. Jimmy, welcome to the show. Jimmy: Hello, Mike. Yes, thank you. How are you doing?

Mike: I’m doing well, thank you. Um, for people that haven’t watched your previous interview on The Mike from Maine Show, I’ll have a link to that on the show notes but can you kind of just introduce yourself a little bit, so that people can know who you are.

Jimmy: Yes, of course. I’m in internet marketing for long, long time. And on the last interview, I actually told you I started in the 90’s. You know, when internet is starting and I created my own website. And then, over the year, you know, I get more involved. In 2004, I’m taking work with Adwords and all that kind of marketing. And I started making my own products and then there was something that, you know, pretty changed your way. It is something that you own, that you control and that you can – ***** (02:20 to 02:30). And over the year, that’s something that – that’s I will love to do. You know, creating, giving it to – quality things for information and send it to different niches. Because I’m not only involved in the internet marketing niche, I’m involved in, you know, B2B, in different niches, okay? And when I give away, you know, some interesting niches down the road, you know, it’s amazing, okay? What you can do, okay, the more easier to make it and usually I’m better off at finding the – I’m the man for it, finding the problems and getting the solution in order to ah – to make money.

Mike: Today, specifically, we’re gonna talk a lot about Youtube and a specific method that you’re using to put links and videos. But before we dig into that, I was wondering, are you – how much Youtube business – how many – how involved are you personally in putting up videos on Youtube and building traffic and links, how much of that are you doing now?

Jimmy: The last 6 to 8 months, I must say I’ve been very involved with it. And, of course, I don’t use my own account. I put different accounts for different niches and something that you realize after a while is um, “How can I make this faster?” Because you can all saw part of the wall but you can’t fall into management. So what I like to do is see the process, break it down in parts and try to build a software that will help me to do things faster. And I’ve been working with ***** Ramos (04:26) and I must say that, in my experience until now, people sort of Russian, Ukrainian, Lithuanian are fantastic programmers. Their way of thinking is totally different. I do know I’m very happy, I’m very pleased working with them and what I was telling you is that you know, I’d try to see the process and then I create this software. And one software that I may launch, not now, because I’m using it now. I’m positive for me that I’m doing test and it just sort of create videos but you know that all the videos, all that spammy videos that you know, people take pictures and put them there and upload, okay. But this kind of system that grab some random pictures from a set of pictures I have. Then, grab a product and writing, grab a review from human, a thousand talking about product and then um, put some images okay, and create a video like 1-minute to 2-minute video and interesting too, I can create like a hundred videos per you know, every 10 minutes or 5 minutes. You know, depend on what you’re doing. And then I upload them. And then, there’s gonna be talking, there’s gonna be calling. I’m thinking of calling this product um 10,000 videos per month because that process is working right now. It’s now with 30 accounts that I’m testing right now, uploading about 30 videos per day and – and it’s working. So, in the process of doing all of that, I am trying to get updatde with Youtube. And you know, you need to be updated. And people were talking about it, you know, or soon you’re going to be able to put a link on your videos itself and people will say, oh yeah you can do that but you can only link to internal videos or to your channel.

Mike: Yeah because right now, from what I knew is, when I – coz I mean, I use Youtube to host the videos for the show. When you wanna put a link in your Youtube video, usually you have to either, like you said, link out to another – you can link out to another video that you have or you can link out to your channel. It’s all internal linking but when you wanna say, if I wanna link out to our interview here. So say we’re – it’s, you’re watching this on Youtube or someone else has embedded this on your site, I wanted to link out directly back to get credit for this, I didn’t think that you could do that. So, continue on.

Jimmy: Yeah, so on December, there were more people talking about it and I say, okay so let me take a look at it. I am checking on the claims and put in site for search, created hot threads, checking you know, more people are more interested, so I said, okay. And suddenly, in the end of December, this came out and I couldn’t believe it. Okay, let’s take a look, let’s test it, you know. So, after testing it and I just see some videos, wow this is powerful. So, well I’ve been testing it and I kind of looked at it. And then at the time, I didn’t think about WSO, I only think sort of my own benefit at that time. Even though you know, people are talking about that. Okay maybe, you know, someone will realize it. You know, maybe someone will create WSO or a program about it. So, after like 4 weeks and offering – doing a lot of test and getting a lot of traffic and trying to do a lot of offers, I was checking my WSOs at the Warrior Forum and in general, searching on the internet and nobody came up with that idea. I said, okay, we got an opportunity here. And I’m gonna launch a product about it.

Mike: Where did you learn? Where did you learn how to do this? Jimmy: As I told you, Youtube launched this feature on December.

Mike: Okay, so they launched the feature and then you read it on their blog or you read it in a forum somewhere? Like, how did you find out about it?

Jimmy: Some Google forum. Some area, you know. They talk about this kind of things. And you know, I use it. Just how I thought everybody will use it too because, you know, if you did a new feature that is so powerful. You know, getting that link, embed it on your own video. As you know, a lot of people, you know, don’t know about it. But not for long. I mean you know, the fact that people will like to know about that. So, I created a product. This time um, let me go a little backwards, because it was my 10th WSO. And my 1st WSO came on the 2nd of February 2012. So after a year, doing this – this kind of acceleration from me, well I’m like, I got a great income but I’m doing to do it differently. This time, I know what I contained a few years I usually do – I’m not going to do that usual things that you know, trying to do some test, creating a very nice page you know, with graphics at the side, with product models that we had an interview in the past. So I do very simple and I want a different kind of benefit, like I did on my 1st WSO and you see what happened. In the market was, you know, was doing very well to it.

Mike: Yeah, it’s been very successful so far. You’ve – a lot of people have been interested in it. I think you told me before you read – around, how many sales have you had?

Jimmy: On the front-end, close to 700.
Mike: Wow.
Jimmy: And in the upsell, close to 200. So every week, I should pass maybe a thousand. Mike: It’s nice. There’s quite a lot of interest in it.

Jimmy: Yeah, yeah, And that’s the good thing. It’s a cult, you know. The good thing is right now I am – the difference between this WSO and old WSOs, I need – like a few months, people were thinking and thinking and thinking. We got applied it quick. You know, I follow this process and then, I get it. And you check and you know when you got the link on your – on the interview. When people check the reviews, the comments. People were thankful, saying wow that’s amazing. You know, how is that happening? I didn’t know about it. Thank you.

Mike: How hard is it – how hard is it to do? Is it something that someone that is non-technical is gonna be able to figure out?

Jimmy: Yeah. Yes, definitely. And, here’s the process, okay. The idea we make it is so easy. It’s a process that you need to follow a step-by-step. If you jump one – If you jump one of the steps, you won’t know how to program. And that’s what, you know, that’s why they say, “Oh, it’s not working. I want a refund”. And I say, “Hold on. Let’s take – you know, let’s check what have you done”. Then, they go, “Oh, okay. I missed this step”. And then soon, I’m going to send an update, like a couple of things that people are quite, you know, not getting it very well. And if I create videos and some people use it, okay. Oh, Okay. Oh yea, I need that. I’m so whatever.

Mike: I mean, people are probably just trying to do it as quickly as possible. They don’t wanna pay attention to instructions. They just wanna – they just wanna get the results without doing the work for it. A big question that I would have for you on this and I’ve read that other people are asking you this in the forum is, is this method 100% within Youtube’s terms of service because a lot of people,

like myself, we have Youtube accounts. So I’ve got over a hundred videos on my account already. I don’t want my account shut down. So, is this something that’s gonna put me in danger of getting my account shut down?

Jimmy: Not at all. Youtube is 100% happy about it, okay. They are – they have some page on their side, explaining you briefly, you know, how to do it. And one requirement and people have to be careful with this because you can link to your own site from you video and in this case for example, you want to link this video to your website, yeah? Or any page on your website. You can redirect or maybe send to — example to Amazon or to ClickBank. But no, that will be a little blacked out. You are not allowed to do it. You know, people have to be careful. And if they’re trying to do it, okay. Do your – I would recommend to do those tests in a dummy account, not their main account. But the system itself, okay, is how Youtube, Google want; that is, you have a video, from that video, link to your own website.

Mike: Okay. So, are you saying you shouldn’t link directly to affiliate links? Is that what you’re saying?

Jimmy: Yeah, not exactly.

Mike: If I were, for example – what about, if I used – there’s a plug in called Pretty Links that you probably know about, where I can use mikefrommaine – for example, this video will probably use the link and that will be linked directly to your – to the, the sales page, the WSO sales page to buy this. And if I put that in the video, do you think that would be ok? Or is that a little bit gray?

Jimmy: A little gray. It works, I think now, okay. I said, then you have another Youtube account and you have these different piece as well. And they have some account that were going to sites.

Mike: Sure.

Jimmy: And redirecting them to directly to affiliate offer. And you know, of course you know that the traffic triple. You know, it’s amazing but people should be careful about that because, you know, they don’t want you – they didn’t create assistance to send it anywhere else. Of course, you can do it. Until now, you can do it. I’ve been testing it. I’ve been sending traffic to some offer and you know and some – it’s amazing okay, what you can do. People see that, click here, it will go to an offer. It is impressive. One more thing, then we have one more thing –

Mike: Yup.

Jimmy: – about the system, is that um, you know that if you create a video, sometimes people can embed the video and sometimes some people have the plans to create **** (15:48), so they can drop the video somewhere else. So if your video is, you know, was embedded everywhere, okay. So, you have the link on your video on Youtube, that link cannot be – in every single video on the internet with your link in it —

Mike: So when someone steals the video and they put it on their website, you’re still – even when they’re not, they’re not trying to give you credit because they don’t wanna thank back to you or anything, your link is still gonna come up when someone places the video on their site.

Jimmy: Yeah, yeah. And that will take you to – take them to your website. Or in my case, with that test that I was doing because I have some amount of locks and so some people will grab my videos on some niches of creating repair and pay day loans. And they grab them, put them on their site and now I have a link there and I’m getting, you know, more traffic. I’ve seen an increase in traffic because all these people, you know, were so nice, you know, to upload my video there. Now, I have a lead there.

Mike: Yeah, I mean it’s – I can definitely see the advantages. I like that you’re warning people about not necessarily putting the affiliate links on because I think it works. And I would – I would do it on an account that wasn’t my main account, with videos that I’m worried about. Like, if I – I mean, you can just create a Youtube account if you want to and not worry about it getting banned or deleted or something because if it does, you can just create another account. So people that I guess – I mean, I can see people taking this method and building on it. And I’m sure you’re also doing something with all of your 10,000 videos that you’re creating, I’m sure that you’re a busy machine in the background and making lots and lots of payday loan videos and whatnot. So, I can definitely see the advantages in that. Um, to wrap it here, if someone was gonna buy this and they wanna immediately start to try to get make some money from it, what would you suggest that they do?

Jimmy: First I usually say, if you – if you’re going to any niche, or you want to target, you know, a market, you need to know, you know, what’s selling in that market or what the problem is. And one thing that they can do is maybe see some affiliate offer from

affiliate network and create a video, okay. Check it out, all their videos that are, you know, promoting this offer. What you can do is try to run the video, because I do. Because I already created a WSO of how to run videos in Youtube. And, and then when people land in the video by Google or by Youtube but most searches for, you know, buying intel will come from Google. Watch the video, you know, check it. And then, there will cast, of course, action. This will sort of be embedded on the video, then you will send them to your website. But to make money on your work, okay, on your website, if at that point, sending to a website saying you know, go and buy this thing because it’s good. You know, You really do need to pre-sell offer. Something that work well and it came from the back, okay. You’re not going to buy, to create a fake new site. But the more traffic you can give to your website, okay. And you know, something that will look – will give you value to anybody that lands there, will make you more money. You know, the conversion will be better. Because sometimes you can create some links, some video. We do kind of review, sending them straight to the offer and will convert, okay. But pre-selling and getting the emails as you can before they leave will make you more money.

Mike: Maybe if you just them to a squeeze page where you collect their email first, like say, hold up here. Or maybe one of those squeeze pages where they – there’s a video and to watch the video you have to enter your email address or something.

Jimmy: Do a strategy. For example, you have the first part of the video, okay, on Youtube, a very short video. Saying something, some tip. You know, like hello, you know I have this offer for you, this is amazing. If you want more information, you can click on the link now. People will click on the link, they will go the website, and then you create a – that’s how you optimize a page, a kind of a fake screen shot of the video, click on play. Then there’s this pop up, saying, you know if you want to watch the second part of the video, add your email, you know, your name and email. Then, they opt-in. They can watch the second part and I think that before, some people on my sales thread were posting their videos. This guy, he was talking about – he’s clever. He created a video and he said something, okay do you want to blah, whatever. There’s a yes and a no. And then, you can click, okay yes. You say yes for example, it will take you to another video inside Youtube and then it will say, are you sure, do you want to do this. And you say, oh yeah of course. Then, there. What is happening, once you click on that link, then you are taken to the website. You know, to the offer.

Mike: It gets the person a little bit invested in the process as well.

Jimmy: Yeah. So you get more involved. You’re like, okay I’m part of this process and now I got hooked, so the conversion will be a little bit better. So people are creating now interactive things with this kind of links. So, it’s amazing. People are creating this, something that can be like – oh how can I make it better. So it’s, it’s —

Mike: I forgot to ask you, what’s the one-time offer?

Jimmy: Videos. And the main offer is a whole process, explaining step-by-step. Under it, you will see a note, okay, you can link that to the video if you decided that you like the one-time offer. And but some people really, like you now, some people prefer to read a book or some people prefer to watch movies, so I create the videos and in the video I explained a little bit more about the process, maybe some little things that people missed in the pdf.

Mike: Sure.

Jimmy: And the process there, like I said before, it’s basically a four-step process that you need to follow. These are little tasks inside, each step —

Mike: Okay.

Jimmy: And you would need to follow it, you know, step-by-step. And if you follow it, you will get the results in 5 minutes. It really took me, you know, if not powerful, glad to think that it will be happening in 5 minutes. And you know, the result is just amazing, I say it on the title of my sales letter or the, what you call that, the WSO. *** (22:54). If you get it right, right; you won’t mind, it will probably be – you know, pushing that video there and you know, doing this, create these things and all the interactive thing, you know. You can link, you know, to websites. And, you know, people have started abusing it and then, Youtube has started, you know doing some, some restrictions for it.

Mike: It’s definitely, yeah. It’s definitely an interesting change to the way that Youtube works. Well Jimmy, thank you so much today for taking time out and coming on the show. I will obviously have links to that in the show notes. Is there anything that you wanted to mention that we didn’t touch on today? Any last words that you have before we wrap it up?

Jimmy: Nope, only to thank you and congratulate you for this interviews that you are doing. So there, for anyone who is starting with internet marketing or you know, *** (23:52) people, you know. You can learn a lot, because that’s a video, to learn continuously. You know, don’t say oh I know everything. No. Always, always research, always learn. And you’re doing a great job with that, I think.

Mike: I appreciate that.
Jimmy: Thank you for doing that. Thank you for interviewing me, as well. That’s very nice of you. Mike: You’re welcome. Okay, Jimmy. Talk to you later.

Mike: I hope you enjoy the interview today with Jimmy. If you’re interested in putting external links on your Youtube videos, go to or you can also go in the show notes on, as always there’ll be a link down there. Thank you for watching and I’ll see you all tomorrow.

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