How to get your emails ACTUALLY OPENED with 1,001 PROVEN subject lines – with Matt Bacak


Episode 207

Marketing is about getting peoples’ attention. It’s about standing out. And when it comes to email, it’s about OPEN RATES. The better your email subject line, the more likely it will get opened and your links clicked. Matt Bacak is on today to talk about his 1,001 Proven Email Subject Lines that you can use to increase your OWN open rates.

Watch the show below: Duration: 41:58
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  1. hi guys

    good podcast!

    this reminds us of the importance of knowing your audience and getting them to trust your emails… as anybody can use some “Swipe” subject lines and annoy, lie or mislead the recipient, but this will harm the reputation we’ve built over the years, which is quite dumb to do, is it?


    1. Yes, you need to treat your emails to your list like you’re emailing “one” person. Of course there are different schools of thought on all of this, but you need to ask yourself “what would I do if I received this email?”

    2. I get your point, and I believe we hit on that in the interview on how to spin the subject line because if you don’t get your subscribers attention then it makes no sense. Most people think what subject lines work with out knowing, personally I’d rather use one that I know that works.

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