How to Make Money From Your Archived Content – with Yaro Starak


Episode 175

I’ve done 175 interviews now, and unfortunately, most people are only watching the most recent ones? Why? Is it because the older interviews don’t have as much VALUE as the newer ones? No way! It’s because they are buried in my site and even if someone wants to access them it’s hard to know where to start. Yaro Starak is on the show today to talk about how he’s been able to reuse his older blog content and repackage it with new content to create a SUPER VALUE with his EJ Insider subscription.

Watch the show below: Duration: 43:24
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  1. Hi Mike

    I’m slowly working my way through all of them. Two dog walks a day with mp3 player in place usually gets me through them with the week-end to catch up on a few. The one with Bertam on the video pimping seemed to be your most ‘comfortable’ interview so far. You both seemed to get into it in a really nice way.



    1. Hi Tony,

      I’m glad to be joining you on your dog walks 🙂

      Yes, Bertram and I get along really well…he’s one of the good guys.

  2. Hey Mike, hi Yaro!
    To answer your question at the mike: Yes! I did enjoy this episode!
    Great show and really inspirational!

    @ Yaro: I think I would have bought your course 5 years ago if you had your hair like now. You didn’t look very serious to me back then… 😉

    1. Hi Dani 🙂

      It’s interesting how important your image really is. If you look back to my earlier episodes I wore a t-shirt during my interviews, but then my wife told me that it didn’t look very professional, so now I always try to wear a nice shirt.

      How important is image for you?

      1. Well, it looks like it is important to me too 😉
        I can not think of another reason why I did not buy his course.

        Another thing Mike… Try to get more people like him to the show 😉

    2. Funny you should say that Dani and you are the first to comment that my long hair influenced your decision in that way.

      I’ve had many people say they liked my long hair and were sad to see if go, whether that has anything to do with buying decisions is difficult to assess. I can say that when I cut my hair I was concerned of the impact on my audience, purely from a brand recognition point of view. Thankfully my name remains unusual so that helps me to stand out, but it was even better with the long hair as I had two things that made me stand out.

      I guess I could do a split test of a video with long hair and short hair and see which converts the best. Although Mike changing shirts is an easier test to set up. It takes a long time to grow long hair 🙂


      1. Hi Yaro,

        Thanks for your answer.
        I can see that your hair was part of your personal brand. Very intresting 🙂

        You should have made a wig from your long hair… just in case 😀

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