Fast and Cheap Kindle Books Review

How to make money publishing children’s books on Kindle…for free! – with Deborah Drum and Amy Harrop

Episode 186

So you want to make money publishing on Kindle? Well, it can be a bit expensive outsourcing the writing. How about children’s picture books? Hmm, a better idea since there are MUCH less words, but still you need to get the pictures…and they can be expensive. Amy Harrop and Deborah Drum are on the show today to talk about how they get pictures for their children’s books for free with their Fast and Cheap Storybooks course.

Watch the show below: Duration: 28:22

Stuff mentioned in the show

Fast and Cheap Storybooks (affiliate)- Deborah and Amy’s course on how to create children’s books

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  • July 10, 2013
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Sarah - November 26, 2013

I’ve purchased Amy and Deb’s products before and I truly love their approach. I just bought the Content Transformer and I plan on buying their app product and probably this one featured in the interview!! 🙂 My husband is a (truly amazing) sketch artist and painter, but he is so busy working 6 days per week that he has little time to devote to his art work right now… I need this storybook course! It looks like they have a couple different children’s book courses out right now, so I need to decide which one to focus on first and I need to find out how the products are different before I buy. I think the other product is called Non Fic Pic Pro or something along those lines… I bookmarked this page. I always love your interviews Mike!! Thanks 🙂

    Mike From Maine - November 27, 2013


    Thanks for the feedback…it’s good to here that my guests’ products are helping people.

    Thanks for watching!



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