How to make up to $97 a pop selling easy-to-make Youtube videos – with John Banks


Episode 200

Woo hoo…today we celebrate the two hundredth episode of The Mike From Maine Show! Thank you all for your support! We’re celebrating by having John Banks on to talk about his Video Promo Cash method that is both SIMPLE and REALISTIC.

Watch the show below: Duration: 38:49
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Video Promo Cash (CLOSED)- John’s method of making money with simple videos

  1. Mike,

    Congratulations on your 200th. That’s a couple or 3 years production for most people and you have completed it within a year.

    Was this interview recorded before or after your launch?
    John is a real down to earth marketer. The pro version of
    Animoto is actually $249.00/year.


    1. Jeff,

      Thanks for that…you’ve been with me most, if not all, of the way. I appreciate it.

      The interview was recorded BEFORE the launch.

  2. Hey Mike,

    Congratulations on #200. I’ve seen you travel quite a way from your early Adsense days; what a journey.

    Wish you the very best for your next 200.

    1. Thanks, Scott. I remember you as well with your pizza email 🙂

      Let’s knock out 200 more!

  3. When you got into the 190s I just *knew* you would make it to 200, lol

    Well done, Mike. Great achievement. Wish you all the success you can get.

  4. Hey Mike,

    Congrats on the 200 episode, I have been a viewer of many as you know!

    Thanks again for putting this together, a milestone of mine was “get on the Mike form maine show” so – I guess I can tick this one off….. lol!

    I am still making videos for people, but now are selling on Fiver (scaled up) and through Facebook. Things have changed a fair bit since we filmed this video! Although I am still waiting on a couple of deals through email..

    As for the CPA stuff – I wrote about the whole thing on my blog where I reveal all the details. I decided not to release it as a product. So, if your viewers are fortunate enough to read through the comments then here is the post:

    Strange title for a post I know, but it will all make sense…..

    Thanks again for doing this – it was a lot of fun. I hope to speak again soon. I have a few projects I am working on…..:-)


  5. Well done mike on 200 down to earth no bullshit interviews.
    Love listening to your show even when I know I wont have any interest in the product.

    It’s interviews with people like my fellow southerner John Banks that are interesting,informative and relatable.
    For myself at least.

    Out of interest I have noticed that a lot of the people you have on are English.
    Is that part of the plan or do you think there is a reason why so many English are becoming product creators rather than “GURUS”, like in the USA.

    This is open to anyone that has any thoughts on this.

    Thanks again Mike

    Eddy D

    1. Eddy,

      Thanks for the compliment…I love that fact that you still listen even if you know you won’t buy the person’s product…that’s my goal.

      I’ve noticed that I’ve had a lot of English on as well…it’s not on purpose…they just keep popping up 🙂

    2. Hi Eddy,

      Yes – I notice this too. I am a big fan of Mike’s work and the show and its nice to see some English marketers getting some great exposure through his channel.

      Even though the product was not for you – thanks for listening.


  6. John

    I never said that YOUR product was not for me, just some products.
    To be honest I see a lot of potential for your product/s.

    I havent checked it out as no time at the moment, but your interview keeps going through my head and to be honest I do like a product that can be used off line as well.

    I was making niche sites based on easy to rank local business ideas. (hairdressers in worthing)washing – machine repairs portsmouth)That sort of thing.
    If they ranked well I would make some adsense, and then sell the sites from £250 a go to local businesses. so your product could be a good follow up to that idea or even build on the package.


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