How to stop content thieves from ranking above you in Google – with Neil Napier


Episode 199

Have you ever had your content copied? Did you know that other people can copy your content and rank HIGHER than you? Neil Napier is on the show today to talk about how you can prevent your content from being copied BEFORE it’s too late with his Plagiarism Avenger plugin.
Watch the show below: Duration: 30:49
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Plagiarism Avenger (CLOSED)- Neil’s WordPress plugin that finds copies of your content online on autopilot

  1. hi Mike,

    it’s interesting you’ve done an interview with Neil… his plugin sounds very interesting, and I’ll check out soon – the sales copy looks eye-catching too 

    I’ve used two plugins so far which disables visitors to right-click and/or select the content to copy… so I think this is another alternative, which is free and definitely has less features than Plagiarism Avenger… actually, has only two options… cannot recall the plugins name, but if you ask me, I’ll take a look and let you know…

    By the way, will Google really rank sites that copy the original content above its originator? Sounds weird…

    1. John,

      Unfortunately it’s happened to me. A bunch of my interviews were ranking BELOW a stolen copy of my website…not fair, but Google does it.

    2. Hey there John!

      I know that there is at least one plugin in the market that disables right-click and/or select on a website. To be honest, we could have left this feature out, but some of the beta testers said they wanted it, so we said why not 🙂

      As for Google ranking a site about you –

      Oh yea, that can happen quite often. I’ve had it happen to my associates. It is so because Google doesnt have a fool-proof way of finding out whether you were the original content creator or not. Someone who is scraping your content could go back in and edit timestamps and do other blackhat stuff to make it seem that their content came first.

      So rather than waiting for someone to outrank you, its better to nip this in the bud.

      Hope that answers your question 🙂

      Neil Napier.

  2. Hello Neil

    Hmm… that’s a unique product on the market, and very low priced — do you plan to keep it for long? 🙂

    Anyway, I’ve read your sales page, and I’d like to ask if there’s a way to contact Karen (I’m launching a niche site interview product, and would love to invite her…)

    Appreciate your support.

    1. Hey Codrut,

      We will move to monthly subscription after these 7 days. As for Karen, I am afraid she has chosen to not be contacted. She is willing for me to share her case study, but not any more details. So I am bound by confidentiality agreement.

      My suggestion however would be to find niche vendors on sites like Clickbank and hassling them (nicely) till they give you an interview 🙂


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