How To Use Memes To Drive MASSIVE Amounts Of FREE Traffic To Your Website – with Paul Forcey


Episode 10

I like free traffic. Who doesn’t? But did you ever think that the image below could bring free traffic to your sites?

On today’s Mike From Maine Show I talk with software developer expert Paul Forcey about how he’s using social media to drive tons of traffic and create leads simply by creating and sharing memes. Topics we cover in the show include:

1. What is a meme?

2. How can you make money with memes?

3. How much traffic can you get from one meme?

4. Where can you get memes to use for your own online marketing campaigns?

Watch the video below: Duration: 38:55

[leadplayer_vid id=”506C3BFCDE6B9″]Stuff mentioned in the show


  1. Thanks, Mike, for having Paul on the show. I have purchased software from Paul and he is very talented. I’ll check out this product also.

  2. Great idea to use meme’s to drive traffic and leads! Never in a million years would I have thought of this idea. Great interview!

    1. James,

      I thought it was quite original, too. It goes to show you that you really need to think outside the box to be successful in this business.

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