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How Two Guys Went From ZERO to Super-Affiliates OVERNIGHT – with Dontrell Lyons


Episode 143

Dontrell Lyons took two of his students and let them use his SE Prince software to build their websites. These two guys  were both clueless about how to generate traffic and market on the internet , and  they are now seeing 1,000+ visitors per day to a brand new site they’ve just created. Of course I wanted to hear EXACTLY what this was all about.

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SE Prince (CLOSED)- Dontrell’s SEO software

  • April 22, 2013
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Eric @ - April 22, 2013

I’m confused – this software creates backlinks for you or does it just manage your links?

Do I have to supply the articles for the links?

Precious - April 22, 2013


I’m Precious, yup… the one of SEPrince… haha 😉

So, here’s the thing…

SEPrince both creates and manages your backlinks…

And the platforms where you backlinks are created are managed by our team of experts on the backend so we basically feed the software and you don’t have to bang your head against the wall for any technical nonsense…

It’s more than just automated, it’s more like plug n’ play cos you don’t have to worry about about creating accounts, captchas and all that, we rotate everything for all users randomly behind the scenes so that it becomes SUPER EASY for practical newbies who are just getting started and know nothing in SEO..

    Eric @ - April 22, 2013

    Hey Thanks.

    So what type of links does this software create? I would guess it’s more profile, forum, and comment links rather than links inside content…?

      Dontrell - April 23, 2013

      Hey Eric,

      It builds many different types of links including profile links, social bookmarks, web directories and also quality blog comments.

      We’re working on a feature that places your links inside of blog posts across a blog network! Excited myself about that feature 😉

Genteel - April 25, 2013

brought the product and $49 upsell, the upsell is crap and there are a ton of people trying to get refunds…….just visit the warrior forum and see what genuine people have to say, if you tested this product yourself there is NO WAY you would promote this pack of crap

    Mike From Maine - April 26, 2013

    Hi Genteel,

    Thanks for coming back and telling us about your experience with this. What was the problem with the upsell?

    Dontrell - April 26, 2013

    Hey Genteel,

    We completely overhauled the product and now members are completely satisfied with every product, including working with each member one on one to ensure their success.

    If you need help or have further inquires, please contact me personally at:
    support [at] vividvisionmarketing [dot] com … that will come straight to me.

    I don’t want Mike’s blog to turn into a support desk, thanks for understanding my friend.

Genteel - April 28, 2013

Got a refund instead, the overhaul is that much better, the upsell was using other peoples stuff which is all old hat, especially when their ebooks make reference to “Overture”………looks like everything was rushed and put together, big reason for the overhaul, these guys are obviously successful in their own right, which is great, but this product is very poor and doesn’t actually deliver what they promise, why would you upgrade just after launch? Because the product is flawed. So thanks for your email for response but not required.

Mark have a look at the OTO and tell me what your opinion is, if you visit the warrior forum it is nasty over there about Precious and this product.

Like I said successful people but just delivered a very poor product

    Mike From Maine - April 29, 2013


    Thanks for the feedback.


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