Income report for December, 2020 – How I made $139,138.46 in 2020

Here’s my results for December, 2020

9,724 page views  (-1,586 from November)

11,600 Youtube channel views (-2,650 from November)

815 Youtube hours watched (-212 from November)

Youtube Subscribers: 9,960 (+101 from November)

Email subscribers: 9,960 (+246 subscribers from November)


iPhone: $2,339 - I got a new iPhone, but unfortunately prices are higher here in Turkey and with the pandemic I couldn't get it from the United States like usual

Recurring payment: $1,386– Brett’s share of our monthly recurring income from various programs

Virtual Assistant: $144.21 - I currently have a virtual assistant on Upwork that I use to create my bonus pages

Convert Kit: $119 – This is the current autoresponder that I’m using

ZenDesk: $50 – Brett and I use this for our help desk for our launches

Internet: $50 – This is what I pay for my fiber Internet in Turkey

VidIQ: $49- This is a software I use to help rank my videos in Youtube

Gusto: $45 – This is the company I use for my SCORP payroll

WP Engine: $30 – My new awesome, fast hosting company for this website

Apple Pen tips: $22 - I use these for my iPad Pro

Resell Rights Weekly: $19.99 – Reoccurring membership fee for the bonuses I add from my interviews and reviews

Audible: $15.77 – Business books to further my education

iCloud: $9.99 – I use this to store my documents online

Skype: $9.99 for premium – I do all my interviews with Skype and Ecamm call recorder on a Mac

Trello: $5 

Amazon S3: $4.90 – I use this to host images, bonuses, and videos

Total expenses: $4,299.85 (-$27,735.23 spent compared to November)



ADA Leadz: $1,198.02 from bonus page

Profit Suite: $1,191.17 from bonus page

Comparisites: $454.67 from bonus page

Video Tours 360: $435.25 from bonus page

Affiliate Funnel Clones: $273.48 from review and interview with Alan Magliocca

Stacker: $271.86 from bonus page

Profit Forcer: $270.16 from bonus page

DFY Authority: $247.40 from bonus page

Adsense Engine: $244.03 from bonus page

Social Post Magic: $169.50 from bonus page

My Traffic Jacker 2.0: $166.31 from bonus page

iMarketer: $154.24 from bonus page

1-Click Blog Post: $150.20 from bonus page

Money for Everyone: $119.47 from bonus page

Profit Rocket: $110.56 from bonus page

Hybrid MLM: $108.60 from bonus page

Create Studio: $99.90 from bonus page

Master PLR Retirement Sale: $82.01 from bonus page (Youtube review only)

Madsense Revolution: $75.20 from bonus page

ViidCloud: $72.90 from bonus page

ProfileMate: $70.50 from bonus page

Traffic Zion Cloud: $65.82 from bonus page

Fusion by Dropmock: $60.80 from review and interview with Jamie Ohler

PixalBot: $47.37 from bonus page

AdSightPro: $45.98 from review and interview with Sam Bakker

Designo Pro: $44.80 from review and interview with Todd Gross

Motion Ads Reloaded: $40 from bonus page (Youtube review only)

Tv Boss Fire: $38.69 from review and interview with Craig Crawford

Spin Rewriter 11: $38.50 from bonus page

LinguaScribe: $38.48 from bonus page

VideoDyno: $35.25 from bonus page

Ascend Pages (CLOSED): $33 from review and interview with Andrew Darius

Viddyoze 3.0: $31.45 from review and interview with Joey Xoto

Convertri 2017: $29.10 from review and interview with Andy Fletcher

Leads Gorilla: $24.73 from bonus page

eCover Authority: $23.50 from review and interview with Chad Eljisir

Marketpresso 2.0: $23.50 from bonus page

AdReel: $22.20 from review and interview with Ryan Phillips

Clipman AI: $18.50 from review and interview with Brad Stephens

Speechdio: $17.98 from bonus page (Youtube review only)

Web Detective: $16.45 from review and interview with Joshua Zamora

CB Automator: $15.56 from review and interview with Ankur Shukla

Easy VSL 2.0: $15 from review and interview with Mark Thompson

Plex: $14.85 from bonus page

5 Minute Profit Pages: $14.22 from bonus page (Youtube review only)

Vidgeos: $13.50 from review and interview with Josh Ratta

Courserious: $13.50 from bonus page (Youtube review only)

Press Play 2.0: $13.50 from review and interview with Mark Thompson

WP Site Guardian 2.0: $13.38 from review and interview with Chris Hitman

Exitus: $11.55 from bonus page

Lez Bankz: $11.45 from bonus page

Jvzoo Academy: $11.10 from review and interview with Sam Bakker

Commission Ignition: $11 from bonus page (Youtube review only)

Lets Get Ranked: $10.49 from bonus page (Youtube review only)

HydraVid (CLOSED): $9.98 from review and interview with Walt Baylis

Social Kickstart: $8.50 from review and interview with Mark Thompson

Thriive: $8.30 from bonus page

Kaptiwa 2.0: $8.10 from review and interview with Dr. Amit Pareek

Image Panda: $7.01 from bonus page (Youtube review only)

Total revenue from interviews and reviews: $6,872.52 (-$78.44 from November)

Recurring income with Brett: $2,772 – This is my recurring commissions before paying Brett half

Google Adsense: $441.05 – Earnings from Youtube

Resell Rights Weekly: $41.91 – This is a website that has a ton of products that you can use as your own

Total from OTHER streams of income: $3,254.96 (-$31,812.17 from November) 

Total Revenue:  $10,127.48 (-$31,890.61 from November)


Total Profit: $5,827.63 (-$4,155.38 from November)

Product Name (link to video)

Date published



Subscribers added

Adsense Income


Total Profit










































































































Total Youtube reviews: 15 (-11 from November)

Total views: 3,768 (-786 from November)

Average CTR: 4.68% (-.51% from November)

New Subscribers: 74(+26 from November)

Adsense Income: $180.76(-$104.12 from November)

Affiliate Income: $1,474.72 (+$457.36 from November)

Total income: $1,655.48 (+$353.24 from November)

Average per video:

251 views, 4.93 subscribers, $12.05 Adsense income, $98.31 affiliate income, $110.36 per video

Here are the final stats for 2020:

Total Revenue: $266,952.66

Total Expenses: $127,814.20

Total Profit (before taxes):


I can say that I'm happy that I broke six figures this year with the pandemic happening all over the world. There were so many people around me that were unable to work and truly suffering so I'm lucky to be able to work from home.

What happened in 2020?

I don't think anyone could have predicted a year like the one we just had. Just like everyone else I spent a lot of time at home. In Turkey there were a lot of mandatory quarantines where we couldn't even go out for walks during the day, so it was a tough time keeping ourselves and our 1-year old (at the time) entertained.

Lets take a look at the year month by month:

January: We rang in the New Year on a flight from Boston to Istanbul after spending a little over a month with my family in Maine. Little did we know we wouldn't be able to see them again for at least another year. Even with slowly easing back into working again I was able to make a total profit of $11,513.

Caviar at a Russian restaurant

February: This was our last month of "happiness" before we went on quarantine for the Corona virus. It's strange to look back now and see how oblivious we were to the big change we were about to go through in the world. I made a profit of $6,730.

March: This is when the Corona virus panic began. I definitely let my business go during this month as I was scared myself about what the pandemic meant for me and my family. I had my worst month since December, 2013...which makes sense since the world was going crazy and me alongside it. I made a total of $3,460 in profit.

Empty supermarket shelves at beginning of pandemic

April: This is my first full month of not doing interviews anymore. I decided to move to a full bonus-page promotion style model since interviews were just taking too much time and were extremely difficult to do with a 2-year old in the house all day long 🙂

At the beginning of April we launched a product called 300 Dollar Day, which only did around $25,000 in sales. This was disappointing, but not surprising due to the fact that we were launching at the beginning of the pandemic.

We also launched Vidyz 2.0 at the end of April, which did around $30,000 in sales, again, not a big win.

These two disappointments still added up to a decent monthly profit of $18,478.

May: I had some really good affiliate promos with one that earned me almost $7,000. It was reassuring to see these results since I had recently stopped doing interviews, which proved that they weren't necessary anymore.

I ended up making $19,706 in profit.

"Working" on our balcony with my assistant

June: A bit of a slower month. We finally were able to spend time with some family and friends as pandemic restrictions were removed. It was nice to be able to do some "normal" things again.

I was able to make a total profit of $10,749.

July: Life continued to go back to "normal". We spent time with friends and family outside, but of course wearing masks and social-distancing. 

We also made a real estate investment that will end up going to my children.

I did occasional affiliate promos and made a total profit of $8,277.

Drinking Turkish raki with friends

Celebrating my daughter's 2nd birthday

August: We spent most of this month living in a couple of beachfront hotels in Bodrum, Turkey. I was able to both get work done and spend time with my family at the same time so it worked out quite well. We even did a product launch. I ended up making $26,861 in profit for the month.

September: I ended up not working very much this month, doing only 4 affiliate promos. I also took a random vacation halfway through the month so I wasn't able to get my business prepared beforehand. It's ok, as I still was able to make $6,261 without doing much work.

October: This is when I started putting a lot more effort into Youtube. I started putting all my videos solely on Youtube and including a "subscribe" button below my reviews. I ended up making $11,293.

November: We launched a product called iVidz this month, but it was a small launch only doing about $30,000 in sales. We gave away too much prize money so I only ended with a profit of about $2,000...which isn't much. I still ended up making $9,983 for the month.

December: This was a slow month, as usual, as there were really only 2.5 working weeks in the month due to the Christmas/New Year holiday. I used this down time to hire a new virtual assistant to create all my bonus pages, since I'd need a lot more with the increased amount of Youtube videos I was doing. I was originally doing them myself, but it just got too time-consuming. I was still able to make $5,827 in profit in a small amount of time.

I hope you enjoyed taking a quick look at 2020. Let me know in the comments below how your business was in 2020 and what your plans are for 2021 🙂

As always, thanks for reading and and all your support.


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