Income report for September, 2020 – Work life balance

Here’s my results for September, 2020

3,600 page views  (+610 from August)

5,500 Youtube channel views (+600 from August)

349 Youtube hours watched (+23 from August)

Email subscribers: 6,635 (-150 subscribers from August)


Recurring payment: $1,557 – Brett’s share of our monthly recurring income from various programs

Virtual assistant: $600 – I have an assistant help with all my promotions, including copywriting, scheduling, and posting.

Convert Kit: $119 – This is the current autoresponder that I’m using

ZenDesk: $50 – Brett and I use this for our help desk for our launches

Internet: $50 – This is what I pay for my fiber Internet in Turkey

Gusto: $45 – This is the company I use for my SCORP payroll

WP Engine: $30 – My new awesome, fast hosting company for this website

Resell Rights Weekly: $19.99 – Reoccurring membership fee for the bonuses I add from my interviews and reviews

GoDaddy: $18.17 - I renewed a domain name

Apple Pencil tips: $18 - I bought replacements for my Apple Pencil

Amazon S3: $18.03 – I use this to host images, bonuses, and videos

Audible: $15.77 – Business books to further my education

iCloud: $9.99 – I use this to store my documents online

Skype: $9.99 for premium – I do all my interviews with Skype and Ecamm call recorder on a Mac

Total expenses: $2,560.94 (-$39,194.51 spent compared to August)



1-Click Blog Post: $1,724.69 from bonus page

Doodle Maker: $921.24 from bonus page

EasyRankr: $637.90 from bonus page

ProfileMate: $305.50 from bonus page

Mobile Pages: $259.32 from bonus page

Repwarn reseller (CLOSED): $248.50 from review and interview with Walt Bayliss

My Traffic Jacker 2.0: $236.40 from bonus page

Create Studio: $155.40 from bonus page

Motvio: $126.12 from bonus page

Synthesys: $105.90 from bonus page

Thrive Leads: $90 from review and interview with Shane Melaugh

AdReel: $80.50 from review and interview with Ryan Phillips

Send Engine: $67 from review and interview with Petru Iacob

Fusion by Dropmock: $60.80 from review and interview with Jamie Ohler

Infinitunes: $57 from bonus page

Viddyoze 3.0: $44.40 from review and interview with Joey Xoto

Funnelvio: $43.50 from bonus page

vRankerPro: $33.50 from review and interview with Andy Black

Ascend Pages (CLOSED): $33 from review and interview with Andrew Darius

eCompare 2.0: $32.48 from review and interview with Mark Bishop

Convertri 2017: $29.10 from review and interview with Andy Fletcher

Continuum: $25,85 from bonus page (Youtube review only)

Tv Boss Fire: $25.19 from review and interview with Craig Crawford

Easy VSL 2.0: $25 from review and interview with Mark Thompson

AdReel: $22.20 from review and interview with Ryan Phillips

Tube Rank Machine 2.0: $20.90 from review and interview with Ankur Shukla

Clipman AI: $18.50 from review and interview with Brad Stephens

Vid Chomper: $14.32 from review and interview with Brendan Mace

Vidgeos: $13.50 from review and interview with Josh Ratta

Press Play 2.0: $13.50 from review and interview with Mark Thompson

Jvzoo Academy: $11.10 from review and interview with Sam Bakker

HydraVid (CLOSED): $9.98 from review and interview with Walt Baylis

Social Kickstart: $8.50 from review and interview with Mark Thompson

Kaptiwa 2.0: $8.10 from review and interview with Dr. Amit Pareek

CB Automator: $7.84 from review and interview with Ankur Shukla

Total revenue from interviews and reviews: $5,516.61 (-$10,812.62 from August)

Recurring income with Brett: $3,114 – This is my recurring commissions before paying Brett half

Google Adsense: $150.10 – Earnings from Youtube

Resell Rights Weekly: $41.91 – This is a website that has a ton of products that you can use as your own

Total from OTHER streams of income: $3,306.01 (-$48,982 from August) 


Total Revenue:  $8,822.62 (-$59,794.62 from August)


Total Profit: $6,261.68 (-$20,600.11 from August)

What did I do in September?

September was definitely a weird month for me business-wise.

I only did about 4 product promotions, which is very low for me considering I usually try to do at least 10 per month.

However the reason is that halfway through the month we randomly decided to take a vacation. Normally I would have been prepared with promotions all set up and ready to go...but not this time.

I'm still happy that I was able to bring in over $6,000 in profit considering I didn't do many promotions and I was on vacation.

Ever since my daughter was born in August 2019 my entire business has changed. Before having children my main goal was to provide for my family and build my business for the future. However with my daughter in the world I've realized how little time we're actually going to have together before she grows up and goes off to school...and then begins her own life. Yes my business is still very important, but I 100% know that 20 years from now I'm going to look back and be happy that I spent as much time with my family as possible.

No one wishes that they'd worked more on their death bed.

Life and Work balance

I built my 7-figure business in my thirties. During that time I went from a thrifty bachelor to getting married and barely scraping by, to making over $1,000,000...and then having a child at age 38. Looking back from 40, I used my thirties to build a financial foundation that will support me through the rest of my life. 

My biggest struggle lately has been creating a work schedule that allows me to get done what I need to get done and spend time with my family. It's difficult at time for me to separate "work time" and "non-work time" as I'm essentially "always working" since I have either my phone, computer, or iPad near me at all times. Sure, it's great that I can work from anywhere, but sometimes I just need to shut off my phone and be a little more present.

  1. Hi Mike,

    Came across your site randomly (which is good as I was checking SEO rankings 🙂 )

    What you said about "work time" and "non-work time" really resonates with me.

    I am now 40 as well and have 2 daughters aged 2 and almost 4 and I find it very hard to turn off and spend some family time as like you I always have my phone near me so am always checking emails or FB PMs.

    Family is so important but without being financially free it's always going to put more stress and pressure on you.

    Right now I am doing well financially, online business is going well but I just cant seem to strike that balance of family time and work time…

    Anyways, hope that you and your family are well during these tough times,

    My Best,


    1. Glad you came across me, Marc 🙂

      We always need to remember that the reason we're making money is so we can support the ones we love. If we just spend time making money and not with them then what's the point.

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