How I’ve been REPEATEDLY turning $45 into $87 with a click of a few buttons

Quick, easy, and cheap…that’s what Russ Ruffino told me that’s what ALL successful WSOs have in common…and that’s EXACTLY what this is.

Ever since I started publishing my success in my income reports (see August and September) with Vinny Boccalino’s Simple Novice Profits, people have been asking me to reveal EXACTLY what I’m doing. So today I will 🙂

I’ve created a mini product with NO FLUFF that will give you a step-by-step blueprint to exactly how I made money with Vinny’s method in both August and September.

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Quick and Easy Cash Blueprint (CLOSED)- My step-by-step blueprint explaining how I’m making money on eBay using Fiverr


  1. For anyone checking this out.. Simple Novice Profits is being re-launched with a whole new membership site and a lot of new added content this coming Wednesday. This is a good time to get in on this!

    1. Thanks for the heads-up, John. Will past buyers of Simple Novice Profits get access to the new version too?

  2. Hi Mike,
    It is funny… most of the time at some point of your interviews you say something like this: “…if I had a methode like that, and it works, and I can repeat it… I would do this the whole day…”

    I guess you know what I mean 😉
    Why did you only earn 200$ with this, if it is so easy…?

    1. Dani,

      I like your style of questioning 😉 I’ve only barely dived into this method. After testing out three services I came up with one that seems to sell pretty well.

      I’ve currently made few hundred with this method half-assing it…so I’m sure that others who want to put it to the test will have more success than I have.

      1. Hehe, thanks. I am learning from you 😉

        You almost gave an answer to the question… The “why” is important.
        Why do you on “half-assing” it? 😉

        1. Dani,

          I’m “half-assing it because I’m putting out an interview every day…if I wasn’t I’d put more time into this…but I can make more money building my list, doing affiliate marketing, and selling solo ads.

          One thing I’m guilty of is trying to have my hand in EVERY different kind of Internet marketing method all at once. I get distracted by all the shiny objects just as much as you do.

          My MAIN FOCUS right now is solo ads and building my list.

          1. I know Mike 😉 But yes, this is the Answer I want to read.

            And keep the interviews coming 😉 (I only skip it when it is about Kindle stuff… not my thing)

            Also, talking about distractions. I would love to buy this product. But I am super busy right now with client work… and the end of the month is near… They want to see results 😉

            1. Dani,

              Then you should definitely hold off on this one and wait until my next product comes out…it will be more expensive in all, but very comprehensive covering solo ads.

              This isn’t a big product launch for me…just a mini-product for people interested in how I had success with Vinny’s method.

  3. I’m not a fan of arbitrage. I’m sure it might work for other but I don’t believe its a long lasting passive income. I think its on the borderline of blackhat depending how you are doing it. My buddy got one of his accounts banned in a popular marketplace due from arbitrage about 6 months ago. Yes, you can make sales here and there but is it really worth whatever account you are using?? If not go for it. Myself, I’m a powerseller on Ebay and its funny because I see accounts using these methods and months later they are no longer a registered user. Vinny sounds like a cool guy and all but he said himself he doesn’t do it as much…he was making what almost 3,000 a month on average…why quit? Anyways, Mike I’m a Fan of your show:)

    1. Steve,

      That’s awesome that you’re a powerseller…I’m sure there’s a lot we can learn from you….perhaps you’ll come on the show some day 🙂

      Vinny is still making money with this method. eBay is just ONE source for making money with arbitrage. I just wanted to show people that it can ACTUALLY work. Will it work forever? Probably not. The Internet is always changing, rules change, and so we must adapt.

      What I love about arbitrage is that you don’t have to worry about being an expert at providing a particular service…you just need to find a buyer for it.

      If you’re not interested in how I’ve had some success on eBay then don’t buy my mini-product, buy Vinny’s instead. He goes into other methods of arbitrage that have been successful for him.

      Thanks for watching the show, Steve.

    1. Megan,

      You buy something in one market and then sell it in another at a higher price.

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