How Mike Balmaceda got over 100 Kindle sales in just a few days

Episode 400

kindle sales rank superheroGetting your book up on Kindle is hard enough to figure out, but once you’ve got it there HOW do you get sales? Most books end up getting buried with low rankings…and thus no sales. However, today’s guest actually did a case study where he shows exactly how he took a book from ranking in at 455,000 to 4,000 in just a few days!

Today Mike Balmaceda is on the show to talk about just how he was able to achieve his amazing results that he exposes in his Kindle Sales Rank Superhero course.

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Watch the show below:

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  1. could you do something about the audio in your interviews, I have to turn the volume up when you talk but have to turn it down when the other person talks , they are a lot louder than you.

    1. Hey Sarah,

      Yeah, with 100 titles published he knows a thing or two 😉

  2. Hi, this is very interesting, but I’m wondering how come I can’t find a single book under Mike’s name on I understand that many authors use pen names, but how do we know who to trust when you sell programs or software, saying you are a best selling authors on Amazon, and we can’t find you anywhere? Does everyone know the pen names except me? How do all the people who posted here previously know that Mike published 100 titles? Are they just taking this on faith? I’m very curious to know the answer, thank you!

  3. Interesting, so why should anyone believe he’s actually made all these sales? Any internet marketer can claim he made tons of money if he doesn’t have to show proof. Maybe he only makes money selling us products on how to rank on Amazon – how would we know?

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