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Episode 604

I hate hype. Really, it just annoys the crap out of me. And when I started watching the sales video for today’s product, I almost turned it off. But something kept me watching. And watching. Sure, the video was SUPER over-the-top, but it had meat behind it. The guy in the video (today’s guest) had the PROOF to back up all his claims…and I started thinking to myself that maybe a little bit of hype is OK if there’s REAL substance behind the message.

Today on the show we have Jamie Lewis on to talk about his Singing Guru course that teaches you his PROVEN methods that he’s used to make money in multiple niches online.

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  1. I watched the interview and did some research and I still dont buy it, the only :proof: to back it up is that you said YOU saw him at the top of a leaderboard but other than that there’s no verifiable info that I could find at all, I’ve been on this business for a while and I know the big names, also I’m good at smelling a fake person and definitely this one smells like one. Sorry but just cant believe it for a moment

    1. *Ouch* 🙂 Did you see the sales video? In the video there is a song called “Niches” where I sing about my resume, the original concept was a rebuttal to the superstition that marketing is all about recruiting, so I explain how I spend my time. Would love to discuss more, for instance details.. 12 years is a long time as in alot of time to do alot of stuff. I would take it “fake” would mean in that 12 years I hadn’t done anything that I had mentioned and is outright lying. The question I would ask in your shoes is why on earth would a guy broadcast his resume to such an extent and include actual URLS that are still in operation and on marketplaces if it weren’t true, that would be suicide. But this comment proves the need for a new method of communication. I find defending the truth fascinating. Perhaps the reasoning for such an extreme sales video. 🙂

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