Live Leap review – A Whole New Meaning To GOING VIRAL

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Live Leap is a true set and forget Facebook Live syndication tool and training package that lets you share your Live feed across your Facebook pages, groups and other platforms like Twitter, LinkedIn, email lists and mobile numbers the very instant you go live.

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Click here to get Live Leap along with my special bonuses

Special Bonuses for the Mike From Maine Audience: You’re going to get all the bonuses listed below, PLUS Brett Rutecky and I have decided to do a special LIVE workshop where we will teach you how to use a FREE software to make money doing LIVE screen sharing on FB Live…all without having to be on camera.

Just make sure you buy through my link tomorrow and send your receipt to [email protected] in order to get the training along with a bunch of other bonuses.

Live Leap Bonuses

Click here to get Live Leap along with my special bonuses

  1. Hi Mike,

    I only can afford the front end of the product. Just not enough money at the moment to do all of it.

    I picked up the front end and looking forward to your bonus about some awesome training! I could have picked this up from a local buddie of mine, but saw your bonus was superb! Being that I am new to the LIVE STREAM scenario on FB… it’s the only thing I can afford and wish to do at the moment. Maybe later if they offer the upgrade later… it would be different. Plus, I’m thinking once they’d approve me as a seller I will promote this locally and offer the other bonus of the FREE bar plug in I bought from you the last time.

    Will email you my receipt!

    1. Awesome, great decision. I’ve already used the software twice today in my own business 🙂

  2. I am watching the tutorial video’s to get a real understanding on this. I’d used LIVE before, and have done some streams, but this I knew for a long time was coming out!

    My goal is to leverage what I have at the moment and go with it…

    Best I can do until I truly get the process of doing more and generating income from it.

  3. is the software windows only? It doesn’t say anything about the software on the website

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