How to Start a Profitable Reputation Repair Business WITHOUT Any Experience

Episode 348

local reputation heroOne of the great things about the Internet is that it makes it easy for people to share their experiences with products and services online. However, people are more likely to post a NEGATIVE review than a positive one. For example, I remember hearing once that if someone has a good experience at a restaurant they’ll tell one friend, and if they have a bad experience they’ll tell TEN friends.

Once these negative reviews get posted online they can show up in the Google search results when potential customers search for the businesses name, and when that happens it can affect business. And that’s where YOU come in.

Matthew Iannotti is on the show today to talk with us about how you can make money making the negative reviews “go away” with his Local Reputation Hero course and software.

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  1. i wanted to buy trhought your link to get an early discount but pric i have to pay is still $47 without any discount…

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