See How Brett Fired His “BIG” Autoresponder And Made $862.32 Per Day!

Episode 825

Email marketing has been proven to be very profitable. Did you know that having your own autoresponder could be more profitable than the big name autoresponders out there? Did you know that your deliverability rates and earnings can be affected by some spammy jerk who also uses the same autoresponder company as you? Here's your way around that!

Today Brett Rutecky joins me on the show to talk about our newest product for internet marketers, called Mail It, and how you can increase deliverability of your emails, upload unrestricted contacts, and make more money by using WordPress as your own autoresponder, breaking free of other autoresponder customers who ultimately are harming your business.

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  1. Every time and every program Brett is involved in is for me THE definitive sign telling me just to buy it! Brett is a unique in this business – he always delivers!

    Gunnar Alm

  2. Brett has always being a great IM guy always true to his word no BS kinda guy and this is what I love about him. His products are useful and productive they simply work, which is something you can not say about a lot of the crap that appears on the market these days.His support is fast,to the point and direct.

    I love the guy and have purchased a lot od his products over the years i can honestly say that a lot of our growth has occurred due to the face that we use and resell Brett;s programs.

    Thank’s Brett keep up the great work looking forward to Mail It

    Jon Moorhose

  3. I am brand new to IM. I really appreciate the candor and the way you explained not only the great things that MailIt does, but also the cautions and pitfalls that you two have experienced.

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