YOUR OWN Autoresponder With No Subscription Fees

YOUR OWN Autoresponder With No Subscription Fees


Episode 781

The money is in the list, they say. Chances are that your list is costing you lots of money each month based on the number of subscribers you have. Well now you can send unlimited emails to an unlimited number of subscribers but not have a monthly subscription. Sound good?

Today Han Fan is on the show to talk about Mail X and how, with this software, you can have your own autoresponder for a low, one-time fee, be able to send unlimited emails to unlimited subscribers with no restrictions on lead imports and without the risk of a service provider closing your account just because they wanted to.

Watch the show below

Sales Page Preview

Mail X Bonuses

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  • April 28, 2016
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Eddie Colbert Jr - April 28, 2016

The links in this email do not execute the mail x program ad.
I am interested in it, but I need to have clickable links.

    Mike From Maine - April 29, 2016

    The software isn’t available until 11am EDT today.

- April 28, 2016

What are the prices of the FE and OTO’s. You usually have the guest reveal them.

    Mike From Maine - April 29, 2016

    I’ll show them in my review coming out later today.

Paul Louderback - April 29, 2016

Hey there,

My name is Paul Louderback,
And this Autoresponder that has no monthly fees to pay every month. It’s going to save me and alot of people alot of money just what I’ve been looking to find. Now I can real start to move forward in my business and build the most important thing you need to have in anyone’s business.Is your email list. Thank you so much for creating this product and also looking out for us small fish out there. Thanks again.

To everyone’s success,
Paul Louderback

    Mike From Maine - April 29, 2016


    That’s especially who will benefit from this. People who are new to building lists and don’t want to pay monthly fees.

nikhil - April 29, 2016

Hi Mike

what about inboxing rate? you and brett are also launching similar Autoresponder what’s the difference? thanks

    Mike From Maine - April 29, 2016

    It should be fine as long as you are not spamming. You can use your own SMTP to send for free, or pay per email if you decide to use a transactional email service like Send Grid.

Donald Bonnell - April 29, 2016

Hey Mike,

Looks like a needed product…one question-how do they get around the issue of SPAM sites if several members start spamming–will this effect the rest of us?

Thanks Don

    Mike From Maine - April 29, 2016

    Hi Don,

    Glad to hear from you 🙂

    No, it won’t affect you as you’ll be using your own SMTP.

Donald Bonnell - April 29, 2016

Thanks for your Prompt response. I just finished watching the video with Han.

Good interview, as usual


    Mike From Maine - April 29, 2016

    My pleasure 🙂

Andrea - April 29, 2016

Hello Mike and Han,
Thank you both very much.
I’ve been looking at choosing a new auto responder which has left me frustrated due to pricing and restrictions. In my frustration I wished I can own my own auto responder.
Mike and Han, you make this wish a reality.
Thanks again.
Andrea Richards

Michael Rytter - April 29, 2016

BEST INTERVIEW you’ve ever done!! Really enjoyed this one! Han Fan is so down to earth!

So….we’ve been full time online wih our self mfg wood ecommerce products since 2001….and….have never bothered to build a list! We do pretty good….but when I think of how much we must have left on the table…..and I was always told…”BUILD A LIST….YOU MUST BUILD A LIST…YOU NEED TO BUILD A LIST>>>>BUILD A BUYERS LIST”…and never did!

That changes NOW!

Mike 🙂

Jörn - April 29, 2016


does it work with Outlook????


    Mike From Maine - April 29, 2016


Cuong - April 30, 2016

Can I only buy MailX Pro instead of buy MailX and upgrade after that?

    Mike From Maine - May 1, 2016

    No, you have to own the basic one to upgrade to the pro.

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