How to make money selling “professional quality” videos to offline business – with Josh Ratta


Episode 228

Video marketing is hot…yes, we all know that, but it’s hard to sell videos if you don’t know how to produce them.

Josh Ratta is on the show today to give you a solution by giving you the tools to create AMAZING videos super easily with his Instant Video Takeoff system.

Watch the show below: Duration: 24:42
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  1. Hey,

    It never came to mind to do what Josh is doing with local clients

    Thank you for sharing such awesome video insights

    Keep up the great work, and I look forward to learning more about videos, YouTube and Google rankings… that’s my niche, and I’m always on the look out for proven tips and ideas. ..

    1. John, just checked out your website in your comment link…great squeeze page and story.

      What’s the squeeze page converting at?

  2. Mike, after watching the video and checking out their Video course I purchased it. Since I am on a Mac I looked for anything that might suggest that you needed to install software but couldn’t find anything. After I got the course they showed where you need the program Adobe After Effects in order to use their templates. I felt that I was pretty safe because of their 100% No Questions Asked Refund Guarantee but when I requested a refund they refused. It’s only $17 but it is the principle. Not a good experience and I would not recommend this product. I have enjoyed watching your videos and following your progress and have purchased other products after your shows but this one leaves a lot to be desired and they didn’t and haven’t issued me a refund after I requested it saying that I had to show proof that I used the course when their Guarantee said “No Questions Asked”. Just wanted you to know.

      1. Mike, Here is an update. Sam issued me a refund this morning and said that they would look into this offering and the issue. But it wasn’t a good experience…until Sam got involved and handled it. It might be a really good product think that they hastily put this particular product together since there was no mention of needing to have the program Adobe After Effects in order to use their Templates. There were also some flow issues where they offered additional templates but when you clicked those links it did a round about taking you to the original sales page. And I only received one iphone template and saw only one training video available when more than one of each was mentioned included. I just keep hearing Josh saying that they are putting together 2 new offers each month…and I thought at the time that certainly that is not enough time to get them done correctly. All I can say is that my experience wasn’t a good one with this product.

  3. Hi CJ,

    Sorry for any hassle. I didn’t hear anything about this request, it must of been one of our customer service team. We usually have the policy where you must show that you have tried to apply the system before you request a refund but on this product I have given a no questions refund policy, so I will make sure we send you your refund within the next 24 hours. Sorry again for any hassle and thanks for your patience.

    Regarding the software I did mention in the interview about it and you can get a 1 month free trial then it is around $21 a month if you want to continue using the software…

    Please can you write your email address you used for paypal and I’ll get it sorted for you!

    Thanks again

    Joshua 🙂

    1. Joshua,

      Sam got the refund straightened out just a bit ago. Honestly I got interrupted during this video here and didn’t hear mention of the software and a bit later I went to the sales page and looked it over good and didn’t see any mention of Adobe After Effects so I took the risk and thought it would have been a whole lot easier to get the refund than it was.

      I really think that this could be a good product and system and that is why I purchased it. I am just “$21 dollar a month for a new program or service” worn out for too many other services, if you know what I mean.

      It would have been nice to have known this before I purchased is all that I am saying. And if I had of known this in the beginning then I could have made that decision if it worked for me and we wouldn’t have gone through this dance. Anyway I hope you get things sorted out. My best to you.

  4. Hello there!

    Thank you very much for sharing this video. I have learned something new. I hope to see more of your videos. Thank you!


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