Marketing plan for December- Ten new websites

I’ve started this month a little bit late as I’ve been in the process of moving for the last couple of weeks. I’m almost all settled in now so I can start to get back in the groove of things.

Last month I had my best month online in about over 3 years. I earned $847 in profit, so that means that I’ve got some more wiggle room for creating new content this month. However, I don’t want to invest all of it back into my business because I have spent quite a bit of money in furnishing a new apartment, so I need to put some money back into my personal account.

So what cash do I have to spend on my business this month? I plan on investing under $450 back into my business this month.

$100 will go to subscriptions like ezarticle link and social adr.

$100 will go to getting 10 new niche domains researched.

$80 will go to new domain registrations

$100 will go into creating content and links for the new domains.

$50 left over will go to experimental content for a couple existing sites.

What is this “experimental content”? Well, I have some sites that are ranking quite well for a few keywords and I want to see what will happen if I put some new content on them without submitting to ezarticle link, Article Marketing Robot, and Unique Article Wizard. The only links these pieces of content will get will be unspun social adr and imautomator links. Of course I will internally link to these new pages from other linked-to posts on my sites, so we’ll see if that’s enough to push them up to page one or two on Google.

How much content can I get for $50? If I pay $3.33 at oDesk I can get 15 new 800-word articles.

If I can keep within my budget that means that I should be able to make a profit between $700-$1000 in the month of December. That will mean I will have the same financial assets but 10 more websites in my portfolio.

Why create more websites and not simply build on existing sites?

I like to create new websites each month because it means that I have more of an opportunity to hit something big. I’ll be happy if one of the 10 new websites I make this month can make $1/day in the future from the homepage content. That might not sound like much, but let’s think about how much it costs to make these sites.

$10 domain and niche research

$8 domain registration

$10 one piece of content with social adr, Unique Article Wizard, Article Marketing Robot, and EZarticle links

That means that one website costs about $30. So ten of them will be $300. So let’s look at the possible yearly profit expectations:

If one of these sites makes $1/day for a year that means a profit of $65.

If two of these sites make a profit of $1/day for a year that means a profit of $430

If one of these sites makes a profit of $5/day for a year that means a profit of $1,565

If two of these sites make $5/day for a year that means a profit of $3,050!

And that’s just for one year.

Let’s say out of these ten sites only one of them makes $.50/per day for 10 years. If you subtract the $300 fee to make the ten sites, and then subtract domain renewals for the site for ten years it means that there is a total profit of $1,445! And that’s a site that is a FAILURE.

If you have a site that makes $5/day for ten years it means a total profit of almost $18,000!

So, yes, I will invest $300 now for the chance of gains in the future.


  1. Nothing pays better than having lotta adsense sites.

    Passive income is the best and I so much love it. Though i’m giving up on adsense but still in the internet marketing niche. Facing the Aff marketing for now and also building my blog too.


    1. Having a lot of adsense doesn’t necessarily pay a lot. You have to do the right research before making them in order to make a comfortable income. For keyword research I suggest the Longtail Pro software.

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