Maximize Your Adsense niche site earnings with IntelliTheme – with Joe Magnotti


Episode 138

When building niche sites you’re often dealing with sites that are bringing in anywhere from $1 and $100 per month. A slight change in ad placement, colors, or theme can increase a site’s earning quite significantly; when you have over 3,000 websites, as Joe Magnotti does, these little changes can make a BIG difference.

Joe Magnotti, from The Empire Flippers (formerly The Adsense Flippers) is on the show today to talk about the strategies he and his partner Justin Cooke use to build niche sites that have endured through numerous Google algorithm updates. He also talks about his Adsense optimized Intelli Theme that automatically adjusts advertising placement.

BONUS: I’m giving away ONE free .com,.net, or .org niche website to everyone who buys IntelliTheme through my affiliate link. Just email me your receipt and I’ll transfer you a free niche site (includes domain and content).

Watch the show below: Duration: 17:51
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IntelliTheme (affiliate)- Adsense theme that maximizes your earnings


  1. Oh my God, Mike…

    At around 11:30, I literally started busting up laughing. Joe’s Max Headroom thing started going on and I literally lost it…too funny.

    Thanks for having him on the show! This launch day has been pretty crazy…it’s interesting to see such a crazy side of the business (IM Product Launches) that has been pretty unknown to us…

    1. I can’t wait to hear all about the launch…I’m sure you guys will write a great post/podcast about it. I’m all ears.

      It was really hard not cracking up watching Joe’s head move around like that. I had to finally just hang up and call him again 🙂

      Good luck with the launch!

  2. Ha the part where Joe started head butting like a fish is one of the funniest things I’ve seen.

    Great informative video as well. Thanks.

    1. Rori,

      I was laughing too. In all the interviews I’ve done that’s never happened. Joe is special 🙂

  3. Well I’m glad I could be everyone’s personal entertainment for a bit! 😉

    Thanks for having me on Mike, great interview as always.

  4. hahaha, yeah 11:30 is brilliant 😉
    I like the idea of Intelli Theme, would love to see a working demo!
    best regards!

    1. Siegfried,

      It really is a great theme. If you follow Joe and Justin then you’ll know that they’re good guys and they only put out quality products and info.

      As far as a demo goes, they might have one if you ask.

  5. Hey Mike,

    I was very intrigued by the theme you are promoting, so bit the bullet and purchased over the weekend.

    With the added free bonuses you mention, what can we expect from the niche sites received and what kind of timescale can we expect with regards to receiving transfer of domain and website?

    Having already sent you my receipt over the weekend, I am very eager to get my hands on my free “Mike from Maine” website to see how the pro’s do it. 😉

    Keep up the cracking work Mike!

    Kind regards,

    1. Hi Chris,

      Thanks for buying through my link. I’ll be transferring your site today or tomorrow. Watch your inbox for an email from me regarding this.

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