Mid-Month Expense Report For April 2012- Still High But Seeing Results


ManageWP: $115

Pingler: $5

Aweber: $1

Social Adr: $94

Ezarticle link subscription: $30

Free Jing and ScreenCast Subscription for
easily explaining things to workers : $10

Whoosh rank tracking subscription: $50

EZarticle spin credits: $360

Copyscape: $0

AMR/UAW outsourcing: $360

Odesk writing and outsourcing: $1,320

Domains and hosting: $1,241.36

website creation outsourcing: $0

Header: $0

Total expenses: $3,586.36

My expenses are still pretty high, but that’s only because I’ve absorbed some of the expenses from last month’s high expenses into this month. The month of May should see a significant reduction in expenses.

Seeing Results

I’m very confident now about my process as I had my first $100 adsense day this month! My average daily income is rapidly increasing. I used to be quite happy with a $50/day…but now if I’m not at at least $80 I am not satisfied.

But, Mike, you’re spending a lot of money!!!

Yes, but if I decided to sell my website portfolio today I could easily get $20,000-$40,000 for it at 10X to 20x monthly income (at $2,000/month) on Flippa. I’ve invested less than $12,000 to make these websites. So if you forget about the monthly profit I’ve made from Adsense then I could get a 100-300% return on my investment. Not too shabby.



  1. Good article, But I think you still spend a lot of money, I do not think you will be able to flipp site whit one profit month, You should earn more money for many months to find buyer for your website with good price.

    I wish to you more profit 🙂

  2. Ibraheem,

    You’re right about not being able to flip a site with only one month’s profit proof. That’s why I’d like to get atleast three month’s proof before selling them.

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong but I think some of Mike’s websites are older than 3 months? If so he can easily cover this cost by selling. It doesn’t really matter how much you’re spending; just spend less than you earn! 🙂

    1. Andre is right. I have a lot of websites over 3 months old, but I didn’t have google analytics on them before. I want to be able to provide good income and traffic proof when I sell the sites on Flippa in the future.

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