Mid-month expense report for February


Domains: $435

Social Adr: $38

EZarticle spin credits: $120

Ezarticle link subscription: $30

AMR/UAW outsourcing: $60

Odesk writing and research: $315

ManageWP: $30

One year Dropbox: $99 year subscription

Build My Rank:$59

Build My Rank outsourcing 450 links: $120

Free Jing and ScreenCast Subscription for
easily explaining things to workers : $10

Whoosh rank tracking subscription: $30

website creation outsourcing: $50

Fiver EMD outsource: $5

Total expenses: $1,401

As you can see my expenses are getting pretty high for me. I don’t mind though because most of my costs are going into new websites so that I will have a concrete revenue making machine in a few months out of a bunch of them. For now it’s kind of daunting seeing these expenses, especially since I’ll be happy if I can just cover them with my income this month.


  1. I definitely agree with your approach. Even more so since you’ve had some consistent revenue for a few months. Since your bringing in over $1K, I’d say you pretty close to knowing what works and now just need to scale it up. Looking forward to seeing your revenue numbers for February.

  2. hey mike

    those are some serious expenses but if its working for you and your getting a good return than thats cool

    $435 on domains….crikey is that like 43 domains you have bought?

    good to see your documenting your progress, you will look back at all this later in the year and be pleased that you did it 🙂

    take it easy


  3. Hi Mike,

    Just stopping by to say hello. Thank you for posting detailed expense/income reports. I’m a long way off from your numbers, but I think that I’m having a good run of the AdSense/Niche site game so far.

    Do you remember what it was like to start from the beginning, or at the bottom? That’s pretty much where I am now. I’m all too aware of expenses though I try not to look. I know that things will pay off in the end, it’s just being patient that’s the hard part for me.

    With regards to BMR, do you outsource to oDesk? I’ve not had much luck finding a quality writer for a decent price.

    Would love to compare notes/strategy some time. Anyway, looking forward to seeing more from you.


  4. Hi Mike,
    Good to see things progressing for you… Ive let myself down a lot in recent months due to the marriage breakup… youve inspired me on my journey back.. 😉

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