Mini Episode 2 of 4 – How to get traffic to your launch

Today we’re going to talk about one of the most important parts of a product launch…TRAFFIC!

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  1. Hey Mike. Really useful information you’re giving here for first timers. I’ve found you at just the right time with my first product launch coming up in August. These useful tips will help get me on the right track.
    I’ve signed up for your ‘Early Bird’ and will be looking out for it.
    Thanks for what you’re doing. It helps enormously.
    Andy Moore

    1. Hi Andy,

      I’m really glad that I can be of help. People interested in taking that step from being a perpetual product buyer to a product creator are going to get a lot of value out of Product Launch Confessions.

      Have you announced your product launch on Munch Eye yet?

      1. Not quite, Mike. Just been doing the JV page today. when that’s done I’ll go ahead and put on Muncheye. Or should I put it on before? The slight technical hitch I have is it’s only a one off product with no OTO. I know that will discourage most affiliates. I was going for a $17 at 100% to build a list more than anything.
        The product is finished and all ready to go. Just need some support for the launch.
        Looking forward to your product.

        1. If you want to get affiliates to promote for you then you should have an upsell. What’s your product? Think about the next step that people will need to take after they’ve bought it. What will they need next? If you can offer that then your customers will thank you for it…and your JV partners will promote.

          1. The product is a video series for beginners on YouTube Seo. Or how to get top ranking videos on google and youtube within days. It’s a step by step course showing beginners from a-z how to set up fully optimized YT channels and videos so they get noticed. The sales page explains more but in a nutshell this is it:
            “Video Tube Station – a simple step-by-step beginners YouTube Video SEO Guide that shows anyone, especially beginners to video marketing, how to create great looking video Channels and Videos and get them ranked highly on Google, YouTube and other search engines. ”
            We’ve had terrific feedback about it from many sources and know it’s a good product.
            The only upsell I was thinking of is to take out the bonuses shown on the sales page and use them. It will make it more personal for the user, I think. The sales page is here if you want to look at it…
            You will see the bonuses at the end and would really appreciate your opinion on what we offer.

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