How to make $5,000 per sale FIXING a simple problem for local businesses


Episode 478

One of the most profitable ways of making money is to find someone with a problem and give them a solution. It's just basic common sense. That's why giving local businesses mobile versions of their websites is a great way of making money. It's an easy sell...but you need to find clients to make it work.

Today Kevin Zicherman is on the show to give us a demo of his Mobile Lead Monster software which will find clients who are in need of your services.

Watch the show below:

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  1. Love this system. Me and my partner are looking to get the 5 license pack. Thanks for the generous 10 day window for purchase. Just to clarify, If we get the 25 license pack, are we authorized to resell the product licenses online ie ebay/fiverr/craigslist? thanks, brian douglas

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