My new Secret Weapon…continued


In that email I talked about how I’ve found a new way of building an email list AND making money at the same time.

I also said that I’d show you what I’m doing…so watch the video below and then stay tuned for later on today when I publish an interview with Dr. Ben Adkins where we talk about the Funnel Vision course I took to learn everything I’m about to show you…it’s POWERFUL stuff!


See my REAL Funnel Vision results below:

  1. Mike,

    Thank you for always giving your viewers great information.
    Will check back on Thursday for the interview with Dr. Ben Adkins.

  2. Mike,
    So, your Affiliate Income Secrets is all about making reviews of new launches with some tweaks to make sales from that, similar to what you do in your Show (without the interviews)?
    My concern is that each time a new product is launched, almost on the spot I find a lot (a LOT) of reviews in Google and Youtube promoting the product through a “review” of it, made from people that only saw the sales page of the product and in most of the cases they never got even a “review copy” from the Vendor, let aside they never used it!
    “XXX Scam”, “Don’t buy XXX until you read this”, “My unbiased review of XXX”, and the like.
    I’m one of the loyal followers of Mike from Maine Show, but I’d like to know if you are offering something different here.

    1. Roberto,

      My product that I’ll be launching in September is COMPLETELY different from that. If you’re not offering value then people will NEVER subscribe to your email list…and THAT’S where the money is.

      You can expect a lot more than that garbage from me 🙂

  3. Hi Mike,

    Great video, what plugin are you using to create the pages that your videos are on in your funnel?

    1. I use Thrive Themes Content builder for that…an amazing wordpress plugin that is great for creating sales pages.

    1. Bridget,

      It’s closed for now. It might open again in the future…but no guarantees.

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