Paul Kosas Solo Ad Review

Here are the results* from a 100-click solo ad I bought from Paul Kosas. You can find more reviews in my solo ad directory.

Clicks bought: 100
Clicks received: 115
Optins: 41
Optin percentage: 36%
% Tier 1: 64%
Sales: 1
Cost Per Optin: $.80

Paul KosasYou can buy a solo ad from Paul Kosas at

*These are the results from my squeeze page and sales funnel. Your results may vary from mine.

  1. Hey

    I am one of his victims unfortunately, he has scammed a few people I know too, ZERO contact after i paid him and I get a message from him 2.5 weeks later saying he had problems… and he was going to give me more clicks for half the price. I just want my money back and he STILL isn’t responding.

    He has taken $300 from me and also others… DO NOT buy from Paul Kosas! Be warned he is not professional in the slightest !

      1. Nope it was live less than an hour ago… since I have been posting he has taken it down in the last hour.

  2. Yes he ripped me off as well! 300 bucks! Website down, facebook profile gone!

    Do not buy from him! This niche is teard down by these gangsters and giving us honest marketers a hard time! No wonder people are scared about making money online…

  3. Paul Kosas is a scammer. He scammed me off 300, tricked me to send it as a family or friend. I fell for it.

    Don’t ever buy from this guy or send him anything. I trusted him because he was on MOBE website.

    He’s other name online is Abdul Haman scamming people on fake online courses for 1000s of dollars asking to wire money first before you get access.

    Don’t fall for any of this junk. This guy needs to be prosecuted. Maybe a case with the FBI would take care of him.

  4. Hey guys thanks for sharing he also did same to me… we all need to come together and put a case forward. I will be calling Paypal up as they say they can’t do anything but if i forward all info they could do something I’m sure. This guy needs to be stopped

  5. My goodness I only googled his name to find this and wondering what happen. I bought some leads from this guy and he has not delivered nor is my emails going through to him. What kind of people are there in this world. He has to live somewhere and somebody will find him. God don’t sleep. He will find his time. It won’t be good for him. He scammed me and I see now others. God Bless his Soul!!!

    1. Wow, its seems like this guy has really been up to no good.

      However, if you’re going to post negative things please back up your claims with proof.

  6. Hi,
    I have been scammed by this Paul and he has never responded and i think he will never respond.

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