How to get FREE traffic from Google…by getting rid of a few links


Episode 458

penguin recovery jeetWe all want to have our websites ranking at the top of Google, because, well, that’s where all the traffic is. In order to get there, most people build tons of links to try to get Google to think that their site is popular…which is a method that USED to work. However, since the Google Penguin update, your site can actually be penalized by all those links that you built thinking that you were helping out your rankings. The good news is that you can actually get your rankings back by REMOVING those links.

Today Cyril “Jeet” Gupta is on the show to talk about his Penguin Recovery Jeet software that will find all the bad links pointing to your website and remove them, thus increasing your rankings in Google…and your free traffic.

Watch the show below:

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  1. Nice interview Mike !
    I think this is a solid business model, as we always are fighting with the big G. Cyril, I was wondering how does the product adapt as Google changes the algorithms?

  2. Hello Derek,

    Google is continually changing the algorithm, and they are certainly not making many announcements about them, but it’s clear that the trend is penalizing all unorganic content, and all unorganic links. Penguin Recovery Jeet helps you with that.

    Of course we are all monitoring Google changes, and whenever a substantial change happens I’ll either update this product or make fresh solutions.

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