Product of the Week – July 28th to August 3rd, 2014

Every week I get my hands on a lot of different Internet Marketing products and services. I always get asked about which ones I recommend, so I’ve decided to publish a “Product of the Week” each week to highlight the “Best of the Best”. Sometimes it’s difficult to choose, but in the long run you’ll have a list of quality  and trusted products to choose from. Enjoy!

And the winner is…Hangout Cash Code!!!

Video-Splash-2-600x300This is the course that has made me SERIOUSLY consider using Google Hangouts instead of Skype for my interviews. Why? I know that I’ll make MORE money with Google Hangouts simply because of their POWERFUL ranking power in Google.

And the great thing is that you don’t even need to be on video to use these…simply share your screen and you’re good to go.

Click here to get the lowest price on on Hangout Cash Code along with my special bonuses (the prices goes up with every sale)

My review: Click here to check out my review

My interview: Click here to watch my interview

Hangout Cash Code Bonuses

Buy through my link above and you’ll get the following special bonuses. Just email your receipt to [email protected]

Bonus #1 Explaining Google Plus ($17 value)

Take advantage of Google Plus to increase your revenue!

Bonus #2 Google AdSense Profits ($27 value)

Get Started Making Some Real Cash!

Bonus #3- Google Traffic Tips And Strategies ($27 value)

Get people to notice your site …

Bonus #4 – Google Keyword Scraper ($17 value)

The Key to Unleashing the Success of Your Online Business!

Bonus #5 – Quickly Spot Profitable Niches Using Google Trends ($27 value)

Video on how to Quickly Spot Profitable Niches!


  1. We are honoured to be chosen as product of the week Mike. Our mission is to get as many people as possible using Google Hangouts in their online (or offline business) because we know that this tool has massive money-making and relationship-building opportunities for every business. By promoting The Hangout Cash Code as your Product of the Week you are helping us with our mission for which we thank you.

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