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Episode 635

Buying low and selling high is about the oldest, most consistent business model of all time. And the internet makes it easier than ever, IF you have the right tools for the job. Imagine being able to effortlessly connect businesses with service providers and make a healthy commission each and every time.

Today Bill Hugall joins us to share how his Profit Penguin software can put daily profits in your pocket in the least amount of time possible. With no need for paid traffic or search engines, this software lets you connect businesses with service providers for easy daily commissions.

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  1. Hey Mike,

    I would like to know that can this software be used from India. Can I contact people on craigslist who’ve posted offers from New York. Is it possible to contact people from another country or city?

    Please, clarify.


  2. I will be buying from your link cuz I like your bonus offers…any chance you got a discount code I could use? 🙂

    1. Margaret,

      Thank you! Unfortunately there aren’t any discount codes.

  3. Hey mike
    Is this software best suited to those in the us, as bill mentioned in the interview that once you email a buisness/individual, he phones them, but obviously if you are based anywhere else in the world, you won’t be able to do this. How would you get around this (just rely solely on emails). Also how much are the OTOS, particularly that first one..? And is the first OTO completely necessary to make a success with profit penguin or can you still do relatively well just purchasing the platinum membership and then buying the OTO’S once you start making back some money (because i hate it when you need to buy the OTO’S straightaway to make the initial product purchase work)…?

    Great show btw

  4. Hey Carl,

    First off thanks for showing interest and taking time out to ask a couple great questions. I use the phone but it’s not necessary to do so. You can do more than ample numbers simply contacting via email.

    As far as the OTO’s are concerned, you don’t need any of them to make this work they are simply there to show you ways to boost your income and the thing about them is that just like the software they will be part of the $497 price we will be selling it after June 5th. They are priced at $47 and $67 and we have some members in the group already making money with some of the advanced training concepts.

    I would also suggest that you pick up the diamond level as it is the best value and gives you the most flexibility moving forward. Don’t be shy and feel free to ask any other questions you may have 🙂

  5. Hey Mike/Bill
    Thanks for the swift reply, much appreciated

    Yes i just wanted to ask a few more questions. Unfortunately due to time differences, i missed the pre launch training you provided an hour prior to profit penguin going live. So once you purchase your desired membership, is there any other basic members training (other than the optional OTOs you mentioned) or are you simply buying access to use the software. I’m not talking extensive training, but just simple email templates/copies training for example (i.e. how to best approach and communicate with people looking for particular services).

    Also after doing a bit of research into the whole idea of online arbitrage, a potential issue i came across was the principle of security and not being scammed off, especially with craigslist, as this site was originally designed for buyers and sellers to meet in person. So have you or anyone else you may have heard of being ripped off; to say they provided an online service for someone on craigslist but not been paid…??



    P.s. is the membership package really just a one off cost…?There truly isn’t any hidden monthly fees once you get inside members area…??

    1. Hey Carl,

      Ok, you will get a video run down of the basic set-up to use and how to run the software BTW the training you missed can be found here:

      Tomorrow actually we will be sending out a bonus to all customer of Profit Penguin. It will be done for you email swipes written by my own in house copy team. So you will know what you are doing and you will also quickly learn that we like to give out content designed to help you. So you got that covered 🙂

      As for Fraud. One of the things you might consider is taking a down payment which is customary when doing service gigs. This was that same when I owned my construction company. So anyone looking for work and not willing to pony up a deposit is not someone I want to be working with (nor should you). Fraud will happen from time to time but as long as you look for solutions ahead of time, you will be just fine!

      Just off for the night but feel free to leave any other questions you may have!

  6. Hey Mike
    I just purchased profit penguin from your link and wanted to ask where i have to send the paypal receipt to receive the bonuses…? Also is the paypal receipt the paypal id transaction in my paypal account…??



    1. I too want to know this as I have sent 2 emails to the address given on this page and I have yet to get those bonuses. I know you are really busy with all thats going on, I just want a time frame at least. Thanks Mike, I love your stuff!

  7. Hi! I bought the $49 Profit Penguin today. Can you please list all of the things I can search for and sell with Profit Penguin?


  8. Hi! I’d like to be added to the FB group please. How can I be added?



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