Profits Play review – All In One TRAFFIC SOFTWARE Creates, Monetizes AND Ranks Your Videos


Watch the review video below to find out how I ranked THREE videos on the first page of Google and Youtube

Check out my Profits Play review below

Profits Play is an automated, web-based software that lets anyone dominate a niche with video marketing. It creates unlimited videos for you, monetizes them with any link you want, AND drives buyer traffic.

Watch my review

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  1. Hello,
    I have two questions:
    1) How can your software help me make viral my future youtube and Facebook campaign that is similar to “the ice bucket challenge” that went viral last summer?
    2) How to link the website and the facebook page that will be created specifically for this challenge?
    3) Does your software create the video’s automatically with the backlinks? What kind of videos are they? Are they good to watch? I am curious to see a sample number of videos created automatically by your software. Please share with me some samples.
    4) How can your software help me promote my website? I have an ecommerce website and I am starting from zero with no traffic. Thank you very much for your help. Alex

    1. 1. It can’t. That is something completely different.

      2. It can’t. It’s a Youtube video creator. It has nothing to do with Facebook. I guess you could link to your Facebook page.

      3. Yes, it creates them with backlinks. I show the videos in the review if you want to see them. If you use the Advanced editor then you can create decent videos. You can see examples in the review video.

      4. The software can help promote your website by creating videos to send traffic back to your website.

  2. Hello
    Mike, where do the images come from in the video? Are they legal?
    And do you NEED a Gmail account – I have one, just like you I’m cautious. Can I use any email account in later updates?


    From Scott B

    1. Scott,

      You can get the images from the affiliate products that you are promoting. They create those images for affiliates to promote with.

      Yes, you should use a Gmail account with it…they are free 🙂 You can just create a new one if you are cautious.

  3. 1.- This software can help me with the videos to monetize with adsense in youtube

    2. What about the copyrigth in videos

    1. Yes, you should be able to monetize with Adsense.
      If you’re using the advanced mode and choosing images from affiliate pages you should be fine.

  4. Mike,
    because just giving honest unbiased, knowledgeable and concise quality reviews, you have given me a window of hope and opportunity that I can believe in.

    Most of the reviews I have seen around the net are just blatant sales pitches…

    With you we get the meat and potatoes. You’re a rare quality guy indeed.
    Thank you for your inspiration.

    At last, someone offering something to believe in!!

    I think with a little extra effort “Profits Play” is worth it’s weight in gold. “100’s of little flecks ad up to a small fortune”…

    Warm Regards – Pat.

  5. Hi Mike it looks like that this software is not available now on jvzoo. Is there a way to get a copy of this and if not is there any alternative product available.
    Thanks your review videos are always the best.

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