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Rapid Content Wizard Lightning Edition is a software that will create, post, and promote unique content. It also will insert monetization methods into the content and automatically publish it to your websites around the web.

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  1. Mike,

    Can you elaborate on the limitations of this software, please?

    It says 10 sites and 20 campaigns…

    But why only 10 sites?

    By Campaings, does it count Clickbank as one campaign? Can you explain this more clearly please?

    1. Rod, I’ve asked Sean to chime in. He’s in the West coast so he might not be on until later on today.

      1. There is an upgrade that allows unlimited campaigns and sites. However the base level with 10 sites and 20 campaigns is usually more than enough for most people. A campaign can include any number of content types all combined.

        All the best


        1. Hi Sean,

          One more very important question….

          Can this software be used on “non wordpress” blogs as well?

          I’m sure a lot of people like myself must have HTML blogs running from way back. If this software can be used to reinvigorate these old blogs, then it would even be loved more by old bloggers like myself.

          PS- even if it cannot post to an HTML blog automatically, but it can be done manually, it will still make this software worth to have definitely.

          1. You can manually create amazing content and then just copy and paste it to your HTML site. Makes life very easy.

            1. That’s what I thought but then I thought…… what would be the use of the 10 site’s limitation?

              PS- I love the sound of the “amazing content” you keep mentioning, so I shall be getting it through the link in here pretty soon 🙂

              Thanks to “You Both”. I’m sure your honesty and your hard work are very much appreciated by people like myself.

  2. Ok thanks.

    I take it the $47 price will be available for another 11 days as well as your own bonuses. Is this right?

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