How to stop paying for your email autoresponder…FOREVER!

Episode 362

If you’ve already started building an email list or are thinking about getting started (you should) then you are well-aware of the costs associated with using an autoresponder like Aweber or Getresponse. You probably already know that when you use THEIR services you have to play by THEIR rules…and if they don’t like what you’re doing they can cancel your account without warning. But that is all going to change…and you’re going to laugh all the way to the bank.

Sean Donahoe is on the show today to talk about the future of email marketing with his Rapid Mailer software.

Come back at noon EST on Tuesday, April 8th to get Rapid Mailer along with my special bonuses

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Rapid Mailer Bonus!

Buy through my link above and you’ll get the following special bonuses. Just email your receipt to [email protected]

Bonus #1 –PowerPinger Plugin (Worth $97)

Put the power of the ECHO in your corner with this POWERHOUSE plugin that takes every visitor and allows them to sing your site’s praises automatically and generate extra traffic. Not only that, you reward sites that send you traffic, making their links even more powerful… all with one simple little plugin that works 24/7 to boost your traffic…


Bonus #2 –Video Assassin 2.0 (Worth $197)

One of Sean’s most popular courses shows how he started making 6-Figures by unleashing the power of Video Marketing. This best-selling course reveals all the insider tactics he used to start with ZERO income to 6 Figures in under 6 months with tactics that work as well today as they did when he started. Timeless strategies you can use now!


Bonus #3 –Super Simple Squeeze Page System (Worth $97)

One of the biggest challenges people have in IM is lead generation. Getting people to sign up, creating AMAZING squeeze pages and video squeezes. Well, now you have the software to INSTANTLY create compelling, high-converting and GORGEOUS squeeze pages in just a few clicks… So simple that ANYONE can use it in minutes…


Bonus #4 –Killer Headlines Collection (Worth $97)

Copywriters cost $1000s…So, wouldn’t it be cool if you could have some of their best headlines at your finger tips to make everything you do convert like crazy and keep your viewers hooked? Well, now you can with over 300 of the best “Fill in the Blanks” headlines ever…


Bonus #5 –Sean’s Link Magnet Special Report (Worth $47)

This strategy is one of the most powerful SEO tactics that Sean has been talking about for years and still works today as an automatic AUTHORITY and RANKING booster for any site. SEO Experts still use this POWERHOUSE tactic as one of their secret weapons and it was all started by Sean in this insider report…

  1. Looks like the bonuses are part of the product download.
    More convenient than having to send email with purchase data.

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