How this guy makes $2926.70 from ONE Local Niche

  1. Mike after watching the video, I wasn’t sure the process requires your own website. Do you need your own website for this, or the websites your guest are talking about are of their client’s?

    1. Kamran,

      You definitely need your own website for this. You will install the theme and plugin on your website, rank it using the methods discussed in the one time offer, and then clients will rent out your rankings in Google.

      1. Thanks Mike,
        Is there a part in the training process where they (Devin and Mario) show you how to set up a website or is this something that I will have to do my own or maybe outsource it?

        1. Kamran,

          They show you how to setup the local websites, but if you need to learn how to install a WordPress blog then you can learn that with a quick search in Youtube.

          1. Thanks a lot Mike, that helps a lot-love your show and the guest you bring on to your shows. 🙂

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