Revenue Update for December 2011


Adsense: $1,172

Text link ads: $56

Amazon: $31

Total Income: $1,259



Domain research: $100

Domains: $116

Social Adr: $38

EZarticle spin credits: $15

Ezarticle link subscription: $30

AMR/UAW outsourcing: $0

WPG subscription: $20

WPG Lifetime subscription: $150

Odesk writing: $64

Total expenses: $533

Profit: $726

If you just look at my profits for this month you will see a decrease of $152. However, last month I had a one-time unexpected income of $145 for a link, plus this month I had an extra expense of $150 for a lifetime membership to WordPress Goldmine.

My adsense revenue had an increase of $143 since last month.

Most of my expenses went to the WordPress goldmine subscription, domain research, and new domains. I didn’t pay for any link building outsourcing this month because my focus was to build new sites.

What did I do this month?

Not much. I’m putting the finishing touches on 10 new websites, but they are brand new. I haven’t made any money from them yet. I don’t expect to start seeing adsense clicks from them until the end of the month, but not much.

I also put some new content on my biggest revenue producing sites but with no links pointing to the new posts. The linkless posts are ranking okay on their own, but I plan on some link building in the future.

How do I feel about this month?

As far as revenue goes it’s my best adsense month I’ve ever had. However I don’t want to get too comfortable as I know that one of my biggest revenue producers could lose it’s rankings or get deindexed for no reason at any time. That’s why I want to keep producing new content and new sites to spread out my streams of income.

  1. Hey Mike I really like what your doing and would like to talk to you via e-mail or Skype. I came across you via the Adsense Flippers. I have some questions about your process.


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