Revenue Update for February 2012


Domains and hosting: $746.84

Social Adr: $45

EZarticle spin credits: $180

Ezarticle link subscription: $30

AMR/UAW outsourcing: $120

Odesk writing and research: $523

ManageWP: $56

Pingler: $2.99

One year Dropbox: $99 year subscription

Build My Rank:$99

Build My Rank outsourcing 450 links: $120

Free Jing and ScreenCast Subscription for
easily explaining things to workers : $10

Whoosh (CLOSED) rank tracking subscription: $30

website creation outsourcing: $50

Fiver EMD outsource: $5

Header: $5

Total expenses: $2121.83



WPGoldmine commission: $9.22

Text link ads: $58.33

Adsense: $1239.78

Total Revenue: $1307.33

Total Profit: $-814.50


Negative profit!!! Don’t be alarmed. I’m just ramping up my website building process. As of February 3rd, 2012 I had 69 niche websites. Today I have 139. Yes, I’ve doubled my websites in one month. Most of these sites only have one page of actual content, but that’s okay as my plan is to build out on the profitable ones.

“But Mike, how can you handle so many websites? Wouldn’t it be better just to focus on a handful?”

I’ve heard a lot of talk these days about how it’s better to just focus on a few websites then have 100’s of them. This is true if you are making websites in competitive niches that need to be constantly updated, but the websites I’m making are low hanging fruit. There is very little if any competition for the keyword phrases that I’m targeting. Plus, for the cost of creating each website (about $30) it just makes sense to keep on pumping them out. By no means is each one going to make me $100/month each.

The goal is to pump out websites, sell some of them on Flippa, and keep some of them for reoccurring income. My spending is high right now, but in the coming months I expect to see a drastic increase in revenue to pay for my monthly expenses.

I’d like to say that I get most of my inspiration and encouragement from Justin and Joe at Adsense Flippers Empire Flippers. They have amazing content, a great podcast, and are just good businessmen.

I also owe my success to the friendly and successful people over at WP Goldmine (CLOSED).

  1. Hey Mike!

    Glad to see you are making a comeback online as well! I’m building a little more slowly than you are, but I’m on a similar path.

    One thing that stood out to me was your 450 BMR backlinks for $120! Can I ask where you are sourcing those from? That’s an amazing price, and I’d really like to get the cost of my sitebuilding/backlinking down a bit.

    Best of luck going forward!

    1. Hey Mike,

      Yeah, I’m going full speed ahead.

      I got the BMR links by posting on oDesk. If you look hard enough you will find someone. Sometimes you need to post multiple times looking for someone in order to find someone who will do it. I find it best to pay someone for a bulk job instead of per BMR post. $120 for a month looks a lot better to them than $.26 per 150-word post.

  2. 69 to 139 is quite impressive. Congrats on hammering out the sites last month. Now that you’ve passed 100 sites, do you have all of them on one domain or spread out a little?

    I suspect now it’s marinate and backlink mode or are you still going to continue to create more sites?

    I’m looking forward to the coming months.

    1. Jason,

      Currently I have two Host Gator accounts. I’m thinking about using a new host for every 100 sites. That way if for some reason one group gets deindexed it won’t be all my sites.

      I’m always in backlink mode. Each site has backlinks coming to it from EZarticle link, UAW, AMR, BMR, and SocialAdr. If I had to do manual link building to these sites it would be impossible. Outsourcing rocks!

  3. Hey, Mike, thanks for the shout!

    It’s scary pumping a bunch of money into a process that you “hope” will end up earning well for you. Trust me, we’ve been there! It’s definitely part of what makes the process high-risk…you don’t know how it’s ultimately going to work out until months down the road. It’s not for everybody…but thinking you got a good shot at making it work. Best of luck, man!

    1. Justin,

      Thanks for stopping by. I consider this more of an investment than a huge risk. Of course their is risk involved, but I think my money has a great chance of making a profit. Of course I could just invest in the stock market, but instead I’m investing in virtual real estate.

  4. Mike, I think this is better for you as this new month, March will bring better tidings your way. I see more income from Adsense. More so, why not try to build 2 or 3 authority sites? I guess those ones are going to be fine for you too.


    1. Sheyi,

      I might build some authority sites in the future. What I’m thinking about doing is taking some of my more successful sites and simply building them out. I’ve done that with a couple of them already and it has been profitable.

      Thanks for the advice.

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