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Episode 307

There are tons of courses out there about how to publish your books on Kindle, and sure, most of these guys have had some success. However, today you have the opportunity to attend an online event where you’ll be able to learn from not one but over TWENTY different publishers about what’s working RIGHT NOW on Kindle.

andrew zirkinAndrew Zirkin is on the show today to tell us about the Self Publishers Wealth Summit and what you can expect to learn if you attend online.

Click here to check out Self Publishers Wealth Summit

Watch the show below: [leadplayer_vid id=”52E41C655AA79″] Click here to check out Self Publishers Wealth Summit


  1. I have worked with Andrew before he is quite a great guy, very genuine and has a great heart. When I saw this I knew I have to listen through. All the best Andrew and continue doing what you are doing..

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