How Adam Payne makes $147 per day with a simple formula


Episode 424

simple cpa profitsIt’s quite normal for anyone just starting out online to want to find something “easy” and “simple” to do. There’s an attractiveness to being given a formula that you can simply follow, or a “copy-and-paste” system that doesn’t require much brain power. Well, sorry to break the news to you, but with ANY method there’s going to be some work involved…but luckily there are people like today’s guest who do all the trial and error for you.

Today Adam Payne is on the show to tell us all about his Simple CPA Profits course where he teaches about how he’s making up to $147 per day online.

Watch the show below:

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    1. Hey Huw,

      Glad you enjoyed the interview…I’ll have my review up at 11am EST 😉

  1. Hi Mikie, I see that Adams course is unavailable to you know why? It’s rather unusual that an offer should be taken down like that,did he breach any ‘Terms o Conditions’ with FB or anything like that? The reasi=on why I am asking is because Adam came acrooss pretty transparent on your interview.Will he put the offer back online anytime soon?Thanks.

    1. Clarissa,

      It’s actually not as exciting as that 🙂

      He had problems with his membership software and website crashing so he decided to postpone the launch. It should be back up in a few weeks…I’ll update this when it is.

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