How AJ Montoya makes $100+ per day with this BONUS method


Episode 413

simple-jv-cash-reviewDid you ever wonder how myself and other affiliate marketers make so much money from promoting simple products? There’s no “magic” to it. We just do a little thing called “pre selling” where we “warm” up the traffic first and then sell to them second…and it converts like CRAZY.

A.J. Montoya is on the show today to tell us about how he uses bonuses and presell pages to make over $100 per day with his Simple JV Cash course.

Watch the show below:

Simple JV Cash Bonuses

Buy through my link above and you’ll get the following special bonuses. Just email your receipt to [email protected]

Bonus #1 Affiliate Bonus Booster ($27 value)

How to create super bonus products!

Bonus #2 Automatic Bonus Delivery Plugin ($47 value)

This will send your bonuses hands-free

Bonus #3- Essential Guide To Affiliate Profits ($17 value)

How do you become a successful affiliate marketer?

Bonus #4 Giant Marketing Kit V2 ($27 value)

Here’s The Biggest, Most Outrageous Collection Of Monster Marketing Tools!

Bonus #5 Understanding Joint Ventures eCourse ($7 value)

  1. Hi Mike –
    Looks like a great wp plugin – I was thinking of adding this to one of my review sites – but I did not see anything built in for a Bonus Delivery system – Is that not built in –
    But I did notice that you have a Automatic Bonus delivery plugin as a bonus – but I tend to shy away from trying to integrate different plugins to do one job.
    Question – Is there anything built into the system for the delivery of the bonus –
    If not – How easy and will your Auto Bonus delivery work with the system ?

    Thanks again

    1. Hamant,

      AJ actually shows a way you can setup things so it’s delivered automatically. There are advantages and disadvantages to both. I personally deliver mine manually so I can address any issues my audience has and have a closer relationship. But of course, you can set it up to automatic.

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