A Smart Trick to Ranking Your Videos on Youtube – with Clive McGonigal


Episode 227

Making money with Youtube can be a bit tricky, but there are definitely ways that can make it much easier.

Clive McGonigal is on the show today to talk about a special technique he uses to rank his videos and make a hefty commission from affiliate sales with Tube Illuminati.

Watch the show below: Duration: 25:36
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Stuff mentioned in the show

Tube Illuminati (CLOSED)- Clive’s all-inclusive course on Youtube marketing

  1. hi guys

    YouTube is something which I’ve became interested in because of these video interviews. Mike, it’s your fault! 🙂

    Clive’s product sounds quite interesting, going to check it out soon.

    If any q’s (who weren’t posted in the podcast) come up, I’ll surely come back and grill Clive myself here…

  2. Hi Mike/Clive,

    Enjoyed the video. Like Wayne I’m interested in ranking videos.
    I’ve not heard about using Google hangouts before. One question -Is there a way to edit the audio on a Google hangout if you make a mistake?

    1. Re editing audio: Unfortunately no as it’s a ‘live’ event if you see what I mean. But all on-page seo factors can be editable.

  3. Hello!

    Thank you very much for sharing this and for sharing the video. Anyways, I enjoyed the video and I am very interested now in ranking videos.


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