How to Build a List of 3,692+ Subscribers in under 23 Hours… All on Facebook!


Episode 377

Building a list on Facebook is all the fad right now…and it should be because it’s one of the BEST places to find targeted traffic for whatever niche you’re in. Most people do this by advertising a link to their squeeze pages or to their fanpage apps where people can join their lists. But what if you could skip all that and put the squeeze page INSIDE the news feed so that all the subscriber would have to do was put in their email….how do you think THAT would affect your conversions?

Today Karthik Ramani is on the show to give us a demo of his new Social Lead Wizard plugin that will let you put a squeeze page right inside the Facebook news feed.

Watch the show below: [leadplayer_vid id=”535AE9A9A6C0B”]

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