How to create and host your whole business on Facebook


Episode 414

250x250Sometimes creating WordPress webpages can be a pain in the butt…especially when you’re just starting out. Luckily you can create all the pages you need INSIDE of Facebook, including:

– Webinar signup pages
– Presell pages
– Long form sales pages
– Video sales letters
– Thank you pages

Today Karthik Ramani is on the show to show us how with his Social Marketing Suite software.

Watch the show below:

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  1. There is something interesting here, but I actually don’t have a clue as to what/how this thing works. Any additional insight Mike?

    1. K.C.,

      Did you watch the interview? Karthik did a nice demo explaining and show what it’s all about. Also, the sales page will be live today so you can also get some more info today when it goes live 🙂

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