$45 – $150 EVERY DAY With NO List, Website Or Investment


Episode 588

No one can argue that traffic is the most in demand service in the online marketing space. Here’s a unique way to instantly profit from that service, with no need for your own list, website, investment or experience.

Today Andrea Fulton is on the show to share how even someone brand new can use Solo Ad Arbitrage 2 to start earning $45 to $150 every day, starting today.

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  1. So why would anyone use me for solos when they can just go direct to the vendors?
    It is not rocket science to find lists of traffic delivery vendors or why not go on safe swaps if I already have a list?
    It would be interesting to know how many of the traffic vendors are in fact using other people’s lists. Maybe everyone in the game is just arbitraging anyway leading to inflated prices.

    1. Hello Robb,

      Not everyone is arbitraging. I have myself personally sold solo for 4 years. That traffic comes from my own lists. The prices must go up like everything else due to the cost of mailing. When you have a list as large as mine to keep up with the demands on the customers that is over $1000 a month.

      The vendors are solo ad sellers too. but we can help people that do not have a list quite yet , get started in selling solos to help them get the money to build their list.

      It is like any retail store. When you purchase something from your local retailer. the retailer paid less than they are charging you. In order to make a profit and pay the bills to keep the business operational.

      We have done the same thing with solos to give everyone an opportunity to learn the business, be able to build their own list, and finally start working towards a online future that they may have been struggling with in the past.

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